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  • Protecting The American Consumer : What Is The Federal Trade Commission?

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    Protecting the American Consumer: What is the Federal Trade Commission For the last 100 years a single federal agency has stood to protect the american consumers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was established as an administrative government agency that was created by congress to enforce the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA). The FTCA gives authorities the power to prohibit unfair methods of competition as a means to protect consumers. The Commission’s mission is dual objective, protect

  • The Australian Security Intelligence Organization

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    knowledge you attain in your everyday life will guide you towards a potential industry that you aspire to be involved in. Once you have knowledge, you can acquire a passion and that will be a constant drive towards your goals. A passion that I have recognised in myself lies in the industry of Public Administration and Safety. To be more concise the sector that I will be focusing on within this industry is The Australian Security

  • The Stock Market Consists Of Large And Small Companies

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    within the companies on the market. There are various options in the commodity market and there have been several cases in where securities fraud along with other white collar crimes have occurred. White Collar crimes are known as crimes considered to be nonviolent but are done to victims for a financial gain. A type of white collar crimes is considered to be securities fraud, it is usually done within the stock market by certain persons in either "boiler rooms" or large corporations. In the stock

  • Essay It Takes Warships and Commandos to Fight Pirates on Skiffs

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    an everyday cry for action from the international community. This illegal activity, common since the first merchant vessels sailed the seas many centuries ago, has been a problem that civilization has yet to resolve. However, the maritime shipping industry and the world’s most invested countries in maritime trade have responded effectively to these attacks in the past few years by taking matters into their own hands. Specifically, many countries around the world have been deploying anti-piracy naval

  • Dominica Essay

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    Dominica concedes at any rate MFN treatment to all its exchanging accomplices. It has connected the CARICOM Common Outside Tariff (CET) since 1991 and actualized the fourth and last stage of the CARICOM CET decreases on 1 July 2001. The timetable depends on the Orchestrated Commodity Description what's more, Coding System 1996 since 1 January 1999. The tax, as connected in 2002, includes 6,333 levy lines at the eight digit level. 8 Traditions obligations on imports from nonCARICOM nations extend

  • Washington Dc For A Nation Youth Leadership Forum On National Security

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    National Security, and have had the chance to meet many people from different agencies. Being able to talk to these people about their jobs only increased my interest in this field of work. When thinking about what I want to do in the future I would like to work as a special agent. Almost every federal agency has careers that would allow me to do such work. The FBI, DEA and ATF are just a few of the agencies that employ my subject. For this assignment I went and interviewed an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis Of SF-Express Co., Ltd.

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    Deloitte and Development &Research Center of the State Post Bureau joint report, "The report of China's express delivery industry development 2014" shows that in 2013, China's express delivery service enterprises totaled 9.2 billion business volume, market size rose to the second in the world. Chinese express delivery industry currently has about 8,000 enterprises, total revenue in 2013 amounted to 144.22 billion CNY(23.54 billion USD).(2014) While SF-Express occupies over 20% domestic express delivery

  • The Foreclosure Crisis And The Housing Crisis

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    When the housing bubble burst in 2007, 7.3 million borrowers lost their homes due to foreclosure or short sale. These “boomerang buyers” are slowly but surely recovering from financial setbacks and reentering the housing market. Conventional lenders have seasoning requirements that prevent buyers from obtaining a new mortgage until they have repaired their credit: a seven-year window for foreclosures and four years for short sales. In 2007, there were over 1.28 million foreclosure filings. The number

  • U.s. Foreign Agricultural Production

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    systems that require less pesticides. The USDA is delivering science based information to farmers and ranchers which will help them make informed decisions and improve practices in environmental conservation. According to the United States Census Bureau the average educational level in the U.S. has increased in the past two decades. In 1995, 81.7 percent of adults were high school graduates and 23 percent

  • Government Involvement in Safety Regulation is Necessary for Protection

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    behind in the race to safer workplaces. The earliest government involvement in the regulation and setting of safety standards is recorded in the state of Massachusetts. It was 1869 and the labor unions and public outcry led to the formation of the Bureau of Statistics and Labor. This agency became the pioneer and trendsetter for all other state Bureau’s (2013). They published their first report in 1870 describing the deplorable conditions of children working in factories and mills. An early practice