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  • Causes Of Domestic Burglary

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    The offence of domestic burglary is set out in Section 9 of the Theft Act 1968 which states that a person is guilty of burglary if there is proof that he/she enters any building or part of a building as a trespasser and there is the intention of stealing or inflicting GBH. When looking at crime prevention, there are two key questions to ask; where are crime prevention efforts likely to produce the most benefits and what measures are most likely to deal with the issue most effectively, efficiently

  • Effects Of Common Law Burglary

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    1. Has this man committed common law burglary? Common law burglary is the trespassory breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another, in the nighttime, with the specific intent to commit a felony therein. A dwelling is a place regularly used to sleep and Nighttime is the period when the countenance of a person cannot be discerned by natural sunlight. A strange man demanded that Amanda let him in her home (dwelling house), at 11 o’clock at night(nighttime) with the threatening gesture of

  • The Association Between Differential Association Theory and Burglary

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    This paper will provide an explanation into how differential association theory explains burglary. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) considers burglary a Type 1 Index Crime because of its potentially violent nature. The FBI breaks burglary down into three sub-classifications. This paper discusses the elements of the crime of burglary and what constitutes a structure or dwelling. It will discuss a brief history of the deviance, trends, rates, and how it correlates to the specific theory that

  • Psychological Causes Of Crime : The Psychological Effects Of Burglary

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    When someone’s home is broken into, it instills a sense of insecurity, in both the victim of the break-in and the surrounding neighborhood. When a burglary occurs, it is not only about the items that were taken from the home, it is also about the psychological impact it causes. Our homes are our sanctuaries; a place where one can go for comfort and security. Victims of theft often feel vulnerable and ill at ease, their home no longer feels like a safe haven. They feel an overwhelming sense of disrespect

  • The Hazard of Bulglarly Essay

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    The hazard of burglary has significant impacts on people and the environment in which they live, and these can be identified easily. Consequently this hazard can be prevented and/ or managed effectively. A hazard is an event that affects or threatens people or property. Burglary is a common, frequently occurring hazard. Burglary is the unauthorised entry into a building as a trespasser in order to steal. An offence of burglary is recorded by the police if

  • Techniques Used For Preventing Routine Activity Theory Essay

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    I will be talking about residential burglary. Residential burglary is a property crime, and it is widespread worldwide, and can happen to almost any home. Residential burglary causes property loss and destruction of the home for the victims, and it often hurts the victim’s mental mind. To prevent these loss and destruction, and to provide a safe and secure community, residential burglary must be reduced to a minimum. One way to minimize residential burglary is to understand why it happens, and to

  • Elkhart 4: Innocent Boys and Victims to Harsh Law

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    Elkhart 4: Innocent Boys and Victims to a Harsh Law On October 3, 2012, five young men decide to skip school and burglarize a home being the young naive children that they are. Four of the five young men entered the home under the impression that the home was empty but unfortunately for them, the homeowner was home and was armed. Being startled, the homeowner grabbed his weapon and began to fire at the intruders of his home. Two of the four boys were shot and one of them was killed (Drizin and

  • Juvenile Crime : The Criminal Justice System

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    adult court where they could face sanctions as harsh as life imprisonment. In July 2003, 16 year old Terrance Jamar Graham and three other juveniles attempted to rob a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. Graham was arrested and charged with armed burglary with assault and or battery and attempted armed robbery. Under Florida law, 16 and 17 year olds could be tried as adults for most felony crimes at the discretion of the prosecutor. The prosecutor

  • Essay Ewing V. California/ Andrade V. California

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    California). A jury found the defendant guilty of grand theft. The defendant has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1984, with numerous misdemeanor and felony convictions. In 1993 he was convicted of first-degree robbery and three separate burglary convictions. His record also includes convictions for theft, battery, and possession of a firearm convictions. He has suffered nine prior felony and misdemeanor convictions before his 1993 convictions. Two of his prior strike offenses were violent

  • Shrock paper one

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    this study. The pure fact that some of the individuals would steal from those who are close to them makes it a contradictory equation due to the fact that these victims are usually those who are closest to the hustler. "[I spend the money from my burglaries for] needs, not wants, needs- roof over my head, food in my mouth and things for my kids".(Lynn-No. 095) (Wright and Decker, 45) On the other hand the hustlers would use their ability to affect anothers' life just because they were an easy target