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  • Auckland Transport Discontinued The 347 Bus

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    end of 2016, Auckland Transport discontinued the 347 bus route which went from Britomart, through Onehunga and Mangere to Manukau and back again. This discontinuation turns my one-bus commute home into a three-bus or one-train-and-a-three-point-two-kilometre trek from the CBD to Papatoetoe. It was a very inconvenient and, in my case, expensive bus death. The demise of the 347 route reminded me of the two thousand or so times that I sat on that bus. My first time on a public bus was my second day of

  • Modeling Travel Demand For A Bus Transport System

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    people to buy private vehicles which has increased congestion. The need for an efficient, accessible and feasible public transport system is needed more than ever. To overcome the above mentioned problems, most of the metropolitan cities in India are trying to streamline their transportation system so as to introduce a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) as an alternative to bus

  • A Report On The Night

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    Everyone sleeps at certain times. Chicago’s imminent seeming glow from the lights is starting to flicker and dim. Windows turn off, second by second. The window cleaning personnel raise themselves up on their scaffolds to start their nightly work; cleaning each window of Willis Tower, home of the Skydeck. An ABC News helicopter flies by with four passengers aboard. I am one of those passengers - a news reporter, reporting a standstill traffic jam. To imagine myself as just a maraca shaped dot in

  • Bodies: A Narrative Fiction

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    attempted to reposition her. The bus was stopped a couple feet away, patiently waiting for the man to walk over. The door closed after him as he struggled up the stairs of the bus. “I can pay you once I’ve set her down.” He said to the bus driver, but the older man just shook his head. “It’s alright. She seems to need the attention right now young man. Women, they’re very fragile.” He winked before turning and starting the bus. The young man walked to the back of the bus, placing the woman into an empty

  • Qualities Of Being Human In Lord Of The Flies

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    russel’s service. Simon believes he is special and god has a job for him he must complete. In the last scene, at near end Simon fulfills God’s intentions by helping others. He steps in and helps everyone escape the sinking bus. he risked his life saving the last kid on the bus out of the goodness of his heart . By doing that, his brave actions are what God would have done. The second trait of being human which is that Humans are called to happiness and holiness when Simon helped Joe find

  • Bus Descriptive Essay

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    Bus rides are always the worst. You have your loud crowd, then our annoying people, the quiet ones, and the people that don’t want anything except to hurry home, so they sit in the front of the bus. But for me? I’m in the far back, the “Cool Kid” seat. The seat where when you were younger you’d race to claim. He sat three seats away from me on the opposite side of the bus. He was new. Everyone in Cascade Locks knows everyone. I was surprised that I didn’t know him yet. Little did I know back then

  • Personal Narrative : My Alaska Trip

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    When our bus pulled up we hurried onto it. I didn’t exactly know what we were doing, but I was still excited because it was something new that I haven’t done before. The bus was soon full of people eager to go to the excursion. When our bus pulled off the highway to a small gravel parkway next to a river I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a lady that met us as we got off the bus and led us toward a small shack and what looked like a meeting

  • The Woman In The Snow Short Story

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    a black mother named Eula Mae Daniels. In the beginning of the story, a racist bus driver spots her struggling through the snow, holding her sick baby and begging him to give her a ride, even offering him her wedding ring. He refuses and drives off without her because she does not have money to pay for the ride. As the story progresses, she is found dead the next morning and begins to haunt the route, killing the bus driver in a crash, continuing to haunt the route until all drivers refuse to take

  • Speech Sound Octavia Butler

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    She get out of the bus and some others passenger follow, Rye was very much aware that this problem will possibly turn in bigger than what it is, that is why she decided that if is problem with the bus, weren’t be fix she was willing to walk all the way to Pasadena, which it was more than 10 miles from where she was located. In mix of everything that was happening

  • First Memory Descriptive Writing

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    fell on my cheek as I rushed heedlessly towards the bus stop. I had just finished my volunteering at the Blenheim Lodge senior care, and the thought of having fresh hot chocolate with its savory aroma beside the fireplace had persuaded me to go home and relax for the day. It was 5pm; before I could examine my surroundings, I heard the sound of the air brakes from afar, and I knew it was the “25” I had always been waiting for. As I waited for the bus to arrive, I reminisced about the beautiful and the