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  • Personal Narrative: Roller Coasters

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    My sister Jenny had just recently moved to Williamsburg from overseas, her oldest daughter Maddie was already back in school at Walsingham Academy but, her son Alex had yet to start school again so they went to Busch gardens. I got done with college early that day and went to join them at Busch gardens. It had been a little over a year since I had last seen them so I was excited to see them and ride some roller coasters. As I drove in to Busch Gardens I could see many coasters dotting the skyline

  • Intellectual Assets of Anheuser-Busch

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    Intellectual Assets Anheuser-Busch has an abundance of intellectual assets, also known as intellectual capital. To begin, intellectual capital can be defined as “the total Knowledge within an organization that may be converted into value, or used to produce a higher value asset. The term embodies the knowledge and expertise of employees; brands; customer information and relationships; contracts; internal processes, methods, and technologies; and Intellectual property” (Prior, 2008). Breaking

  • My Experience : My Personal Experience In My Life

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    However, that feeling of being a strong independent black woman only lasted so long. My first year was just fine, I thought that I'd adjusted fine. I made plenty of friends on campus and joined numerous cubs! I even got my first real job working at Busch Gardens. Everything was going great, that was until August of my second year. For a while my mother was complaining about strong stomach pains and after many concern phone calls, we convinced her to see a doctor. They discovered that she had a tumor the

  • Busch Gardens

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    I was able to go to Busch Gardens because I was apart of the Chorus and that year in Busch Gardens we ended up placing in first place beating billion's of chorus groups and we got a superior rating which is the highest type of rating we could get. Not only that, but I recall it being a good year for the band

  • My Personal Experience

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    MY personal experience was visiting Busch Gardens for the first time in Tampa Florida. The scenery was extremely beautiful and a very playful place to enjoy during the holidays. As I walked in the smell of different food grabbed my attention. The food court was very clean, but I couldn’t eat yet due to the fact that I wanted to hop on the roller coaster. The roller coasters were so huge it was nothing compared to the fun spot in Orlando Florida. My skin started to shiver because they were going too

  • Descriptive Essay About Roller Coasters

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    because I’m so trusting of the way everyone says they’re so amazing and great. News Flash- they aren’t! But every time I’m at a theme park, I let them persuade me into riding them. I sure won’t make that mistake again! It was late at night, and Busch Gardens would close in one hour. My family and I were hoping to go on one last ride, since they had closed for two hours earlier. That’s when we came across Cheetah Hunt. Sure, it looked friendly from the outside, but it sure wasn’t on the inside. “So

  • Descriptive Essay About Vacation

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    During the summer of 2017, I went on vacation with my parents, and also with my best friend, Shae Simon. We all went to an amusement park named Kings Island. Kings Island has always been one of my favorite places to go, and it still is. Kings Island is so much fun that I’ve been there five times in the past two years! I have went with my parents most of the time, but also with friends, and other family. Sometimes, I went for two days, others only one. I really love to go to Kings Island, it’s just

  • Williamsburg Va Essay

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    visiting tourist, the obvious ones being water and amusement parks. Your search for accommodations in Williamsburg VA would be for Busch gardens Virginia hotels, most hotels being located very close or in the vicinity of Busch gardens and Colonial Williamsburg. Frequently voted the world's most beautiful theme park, it also bags awards in the categories of cleanest, best food etc. Exploring Busch gardens takes you through nine hamlets, same being reminiscent of nine European countries, featuring attractions

  • Why Is Williamsburg Important?

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    When someone says Williamsburg, What do you think of ? If you said Busch Gardens or water country USA or shopping centers, then I'm going to expand your mind. This paper includes Why Williamsburg is important, What colonial life was like, Significant characters, and the lessons the colonists learned. Williamsburg is important because it's another colony in the new world. France and Spain couldn’t have the whole continent. Williamsburg is where the foundational concepts such as republic responsible

  • What Is My Summer Vacation Essay

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    we did things that we could do here in Virginia, such as going to amusement parks and Dave & Buster's. One amusement park we went to was Busch Gardens. The Busch Gardens in Florida was similar to the one here in Williamsburg, but for the most part it was different. The park in Florida had the theme of different African things as opposed to the one in Williamsburg where the theme of the park is different countries of Europe. My family and I also went to Sea World which was very interesting because