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  • Yonkers North South Broadway Business Improvement District

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    Yonkers OIG South Broadway Business Improvement District & USDA OIG Plant Protection and Quarantine Preclearance Offshore Program The following report will show the similarities and differences between the form and structure of the Yonkers OIG South Broadway Business Improvement District audit and USDA OIG Plant Protection and Quarantine Preclearance Offshore Program audit. Directed by Yonkers’s City Council Resolution No. 52-2008, the Yonkers OIG conducted an operational and financial review of

  • Case Study: Why The Flatiron District Is Right For Your Business

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    Why the Flatiron District is Right for Your Business While Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Manhattan get most of the glory when it comes to attracting businesses in New York City, the rapid growth of the city’s tech, media and creative services sector has radically shifted the business landscape just in the past few years. At the center of it all is the Flatiron District in Manhattan. Situated roughly between Union Square and Madison Square Park, the Flatiron District – named after the iconic Flatiron

  • The Five Stages Of Industrialization In The United States

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    It is extremely fascinating how cities evolved over time. Especially here in the United States since a great hand full have been industrialized and as a result, some cities became very popular. The industrial revolution gave cities the opportunities to expand in manufactures. Thus, factories began to be developed and as a result, it provided civilians with job opportunities. As the years progressed, cities expanded in two different methods. One method in how it expanded was by the Concentric Zone

  • Essay On Concentric Zone Theory

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    the positive relationship between the central business district (CBD) and the socio-economic status of the households. However, the main aim of this model was to describe residential structures and to show how they are organised in the city. Burgess’ work is much based on Alonso’s bid rent function, which is an explanatory model of land use. As indicated by the concentric model the first accommodation for the migrant are in the central business district (CBD), where the

  • Problem Statement Versus Needs Assesment

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    Problem Statement versus Needs Assesment The determination of whether you write a problem statement or a needs assessment may hinge more on the funder’s priorities than your own passion for the project. Either way, the same information will be stated either as a reduction of what is currently a problem or an enhancement of a need to be added to a current situation. For example, let’s look at a fictitious rural community facing a particular environmental situation. The federal public land manager

  • Factor Affecting the Presence of Crime in Inner Cities of America

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    Central Business District, II- Area In Transition, III- Working Men’s Home, IV- Residential District, and V- Commuter Zone. The rates of delinquency in the lower-class neighborhoods were highest near the inner city and decreased outwardly toward the suburbs. Zone I was the central financial and business district, known as, “the loop”. According to the theory, the highest crime was in Zone II, the area of transition. It was the area immediately surrounding the central business district and it was

  • Revitalization In The United States

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    3. In the 1990’s the central business and residential districts of cities in the United States became the focus of a revitalization process. Discuss how each has contributed to this revitalization process. Economic factors Economic factors have contributed to the revitalization process of central business and residential districts of cities in the United States. Tourism has effect the revitalization process of cities throughout America. One of the most popular tourist attraction within the world

  • Planning Commission For The District Plan

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    less than 20%, as well as current or pending capital improvements. After careful planning, outreach to the property and business owners, community residents, and the public, as well as conducting a needs assessment survey (Appendix C), a District Plan is drafted which serves as a business plan for the BID and is submitted the City Planning Commission for an approval. The District Plan is the most important document in the process as it includes the services and improvements the BID plans to provide

  • Essay On Erian Hotel

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    Erian Hotel Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience at Erian Hotel situated conveniently near Jakarta Business districts, global corporate headquarters, Jakarta Golden Triangle, famous restaurants, entertainment destination, art museums and cultural destinations. ABOUT US Business travel doesn’t have to be travail. As the matter of fact, at The Erian Hotel, we see business travel through your eyes. We understand the passion and energy it takes to succeed as a young entrepreneur. We convene

  • Mankato Landscape Analysis

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    citizens to shop back in the mid 20th century. Then the Madison East Mall moved in up on the hill and took most of the Mankato Place mall’s business. Then in 1991 a much bigger mall moved in and Mankato place lost almost every customer it ever had. This meant that the owners of Mankato Place mall had to rethink the plan and goal for their mall. The Central business district (CBD) had been moving around quite rapidly starting when Madison East Mall was opened. The CBD then moved again up to River Hills Mall