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  • Why Should You Stay At A Butlin's Resort?

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    Would you think it would be reasonable for the authorities to evict a whole household of people, and quarantine them for an indefinite amount of time because one member had a stomach bug? Probably not; sounds more like the plot of a doomsday film. If you had been in contact with someone with vomiting and diarrhoea would you get a week off work just in case you were contagious? It would be nice, but I don’t think your boss would be very happy and I think the UK’s infrastructure would quickly grind

  • Wharfies Support Equal Rights For Aborigines: Article Analysis

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    The photo ‘Wharfies Support Equal Rights for Aborigines’ was photographed by Noel Butlin Collection at the Australian National University in the late 1950’s, taken in 4-10 Goulburn Street, Sydney, hence a primary source. The photograph illustrates a non-racist community as both white Australians and coloured people marched together for the rights of Aborigines. The image portrays desegregation between the black and the white community. It also illustrates the time in the 1950s when the Aboriginals

  • Men's Soccer Research Papers

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    Men’s Soccer Defeats Conference Rival UNE, 2-1 The Men’s soccer team captured their second conference victory of the season on Saturday, defeating the University of New England 2-1. Heading into today’s matchup, Curry had posted an ugly 1-3-1 record against their CCC counterparts. Coming off a hard fought battle against Lasell College on Monday, Curry was looking to create their first winning streak of the season this weekend. The University of New England entered this game with a 2-8 record

  • The Origin Of Tourism During The Twentieth Century

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    The tourism from its beginning has manifested itself over the centuries in different shades, but the greatest common denominator was the movement of people to meet their needs. As claimed by Graburn (1983, quoted in Shaprley, 2008, pp. 1-23), ‘Tourism cannot be viewed as one monolithic, static sort of phenomenon’. The history of tourism opened with a restricted number of tourists who could afford to travel for the purpose of leisure and pleasure, in particular during the seventieth and eighteenth

  • Genocide In Tasmania By Henry Reynolds Summary

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    In the “Genocide in Tasmania” by Henry Reynolds he briefly outlined the masses of killings of Aborigines in Tasmania in the 1800s. There weren’t any records of this genocide occurring being stated in Australian history, however, Reynolds has evidence of this genocide occurring from several renowned biologists and historians and many written evidence of the administration of Governor George Arthur who was appointed to look over the British Settlers and Aborigines living in Tasmania. Tasmania, was

  • The Influence Of Romantic Art And French Romanticism

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    In the early 19th century, the bourgeois-democratic revolution emerged as an art genre in the French painting world. The school of painting got rid of the fetters of the academics and the classicism at the time, focusing on giving play to the artist's own imagination and creation. The themes of his paintings were drawn from real life, medieval legends and literary works (such as Shakespeare, Dante, Goethe and Byron ), Etc., there is some progress. Romanticism School affirmed, praised the spiritual

  • 1960's Tourism Industry

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    product development, the early package holiday was formed by Raitz. package holidays became more popular in the 1970’s as more people wanted to see new places. currency restriction were lifted in 1970. furthermore holiday has changed over the 50 years (Butlins). there are 2 travel and tourism product that have been the most influenced in the recent years are holiday camps and package holiday. A Holiday camp is a type of holiday accommodation (hotel) that has everything within the site, for example entertainment

  • The Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry and the Factors Affecting it Today

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    services in the early nineteenth century, a factor that led to the contribution of many of the piers still seen at seaside resorts today. The introduction of holiday camps The first purpose-built holiday camp was opened by Billy Butlin in 1936 at Skegness. Holiday camps worked on the simple principle that if the children were happy on holiday then the parents would be happy as well. Holiday camps provided entertainment and activities for both parents and children

  • Analysis Of The Rivers West By Louis L ' Amour

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    Louis L’Amour, author of “Rivers West” and many other famous books and short stories, was born in Jamestown North Dakota March 22, 1908. L’Amour was an indifferent student and dropped out of school at the age of 15. The next two decades L’Amour traveled the world and held many different jobs, he was a lumberjack, an elephant trainer, a miner, and during World War 2 he served as an officer in the tanks corps in Europe. It was not till he came back from World War 2 that he decided to be a writer and

  • Annotation Of Sahaja Yog Eustress And Distress

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    Butlin, J. (2001). Links between the Physical and the Emotional. Wholistic Research Company, 1-3. Retrieved April 29, 2003 from Annotation: Information about emotional influences on the physical body. 2. Chugh, D. (1987). Effects of Sahaja Yoga practice