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  • The Benefits Of Swimming As A Sport In History

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    competitions and since then the activity started to become more well known and started to evolve throughout history. It became known as a sport and it benefited many people. When the sport first began there was very few races and there wasn’t many strokes or ways of swimming. As it developed in the 19th century there was only the “breaststroke” which was used by the British, and the “front crawl” which was mostly used by the Americans, West Africans, and Pacific Islanders. Swimming pools, not much

  • Informative Speech On Swimming

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    Homework 8a speech 2 Luke Hightower 9-29-17 Attention Getter: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Luke Hightower and i am hear to talk to you about swimming now let's dive ring in to this speech. Credibility statement: Ever since the 6th grade i have been swimming competitively and sense starting this speech i have been doing alot of research on this topic so you can make your own opinion on if you should do swimming. Thesis: The reasons you should do swimming. Preview: To show the Counterpoints

  • Persuasive Speech On Swimming

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    like this like racing is just learn how to swim. Swimming has a few straight out ways of swimming for you to learn. If you know how to swim you might think of competing. If that’s so, we cover that. Finally, are you having some trouble with some strokes? Don’t worry! We tell all about that. So, do you want to swim? Jump right in. Before we even start anything about learning to swim. let’s talk about requirements. The most important one is a pool filled with water. A pool is a thing where it is

  • Different Forms For Swimming : The Importance Of Swimming

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    of water. The overall objective is to swim faster than your competition. The race can be swum in different forms; the butterfly stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl, freestyle, an individual medley, and a relay race. Swimming each stroke requires specific techniques, and in competition, there are specific regulations concerning the acceptable form for the different strokes. A front crawl calls for you to kick hard with your feet, while bringing your arms over your head and into the water

  • Reflection On The Experience Of Swimming

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    swim meet. It had been your average summer day in June; sunny with clear skies, warm and humid. When I woke up that morning a got a text from my mom for the events I would be swimming in later that afternoon. I was signed up to swim the 50 meter butterfly in one relay, 50 meter freestyle in another relay, and the dreaded 100 meter freestyle swim. For the 100 meter swim I was put in the 15-18 year old division because our swim team wasn’t very big, so I had to swim up a level. After scrolling through

  • Persuasive Essay On Swimming

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    do, there are a variety of ways you can improve your health. There are many different varieties of swimming strokes; a freestyle stroke, a breaststroke, butterfly stroke, back stroke, side stroke, as well as a elementary side stroke. Each of these range in proficiency. Beginning with the freestyle stroke, you must first begin concentrating on each and every specific aspect of your stroke, You find your head position, reach forward, rotate

  • Personal Writing Essay

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    three seconds I caught the ledge, the shock of it distracted me I could not believe it. When the instructress went on to other people I tried again this time using different styles of swimming I was confident with diving and front stroke. At the end of the session I was pleased with myself and so were my friends. Three years after practicing and learning more and more I kept attending I never missed a session until finally the club moved to Walworth road, they gave

  • My Sport Is Swimming

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    styles, which you use to get yourself further. The styles are: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Freestyle has been invented first, and is the most popular and effective way of swimming. As other styles were invented over the time, butterfly was the last style to be officially accepted as the one of them. Butterfly itself, is a fixed version of breaststroke, which is calmer than the new version of the style. Butterfly is officially the second

  • The Physics Of Swimming Is Science

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    Freestyle Stroke Essay Swimming is science. When a person swims, they are displacing water. In Ancient Greek times, a physicist named Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyancy. Archimedes Principle states that an object in gravity applies a force, or a buoyancy, to whatever it is surrounded in. When a person submerges him or herself in water, the water levels will rise. The density of a person or object determines if its floatation. If an object is more dense than the water, it will sink.

  • Personal Narrative: Raritan Valley Community College Pool

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    “Come on we are going to be late!” I screamed to my friends as we walked to the blocks “ I don’t want to miss my event”. We were all swimming the 100 meter individual medley, an event containing all known swimming strokes. Standing behind the starting block, I began to turn my head in both directions, eying out my competition. Standing behind lane four, I began to see who was seeded ahead of me. Seeing Her I began to shake girl standing behind lane three was Maya, my friend and the fastest swimmer