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  • Escapism in Children's Literature

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    Children’s literature can take many forms, from far-fetching science fiction to spell binding who-done-it mysteries. One of the most popular ideas presented in these various forms is that of escapism. The characters in these stories explore quite complex social issues in ways that are less confrontational then realism. One might consider why escape is such a central theme; as a child there are numerous benefits to fantasy, it allows readers to experiment with different views of the world and takes

  • A Spaceship to Mars in the Story Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

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    In the story "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis, Ransom, a physiology professor at Oxford University is kidnapped by two men who take him in a spaceship to Mars, or Malacandra as they call it. They plan on giving him over to the martians who live on Malacandra but Ransom runs away in fear he will be killed. As the story progresses, Ransom meets all sorts of martians and becomes immersed in the culture and language of this planet. Ransom is then faced with being called to meet a certain spirit

  • Peace Like A River Analysis

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    Peace Like a River is a powerful novel that is able to incorporate miracles from the Bible and pull them into a more modern day context. Each character challenges the reader to connect to them in a new way. Reuben has lungs so swampy he shouldn’t be living, and yet here he is the main witness to his father’s miracles. Jeremiah is a devoted and caring father whose faith is unparalleled and whose miracles are a bit random. His other son Davy is almost his complete opposite, relying only on his hands

  • The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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    In this essay, I will be considering a range of key issues relevant to the adaption process for a specific film adapted from a novel. I have chosen to discuss a book written by C.S. Lewis; The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe which was published in October 1950. It was adapted into a film by Disney in 2005 and directed by Andrew Adamson. Hutcheon writes that, ‘Adaptations are everywhere today: on television and movie screen, on the musical and dramatic stage, on the

  • Screwtape Letters Book Report

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    Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, is an interesting novel containing the interaction between a devil named Screwtape and his young nephew Wormwood. The book is comprised of letters corresponding between the two devils. Screwtape is a senior devil and is tasked as a mentor to his less experienced nephew. Screwtape instructs Wormwood on how to tempt a new Christian, or "patient". He suggest many different intricate ways of using human emotions, thoughts, and weaknesses to tempt their faith, and keep

  • The Fellowship of the Ring Response Essay

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    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Reader Response The novel The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien is set in a fanciful world filled with strange creatures and magical happenings, but not everything is so unlike our world. Many of the characters change over the course of the story, just as we do over the course of our lives. Frodo, the main character and the carrier of the magical ring, is part of the mythical race of Hobbits, yet he is remarkably human. He has the

  • Inner Ring Essay

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    Arroyo 1 Alex Arroyo Professor Ledri-Aguilar English 120 30 August 2013 Inner Rings and the Motives that Come Along C.S Lewis delivered a speech named “The Inner Ring” at King’s College, a University in London. As Lewis continues on in his speech, one may be a little thrown off by what these inner rings are and what exactly they mean to people. Although Lewis mentions both good and harmful inner rings, one could argue that most people find themselves so caught up in these inner rings they

  • Cat in the Hat

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    The Importance of Fantasy in The Cat In The Hat By Sabrina Lee Xin Ru (21257819) The Cat in The Hat was a children’s book written and creatively illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Suess. It was first published in 1957 and has since made a deep impression in the hearts of children and adults alike. The story centers around an eccentric anthropomorphic cat that comes in to the house of two children while the adults are away, attempting to entertain them while they are stuck

  • Alton Lacks. Professor Pennoyer. Understanding Religion.

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    Alton Lacks Professor Pennoyer Understanding Religion 10, April, 2017                     Essay C.S. Lewis, who is the author of  “Out of the Silent Planet”, is a man who was well educated in his religious faith of Christianity. A common theme in his works is based on his support for the Christian world of religion and teaching. C.S. was known for his writings of fiction as seen through the work of “Out of the Silent Planet” when the solar system of planets are renamed as something else and a man

  • Dr. Lewis 's Till We Have Faces

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    Glome where the main character, Orual is writing about her experiences with the gods and how they have mistreated her, the whole story is told from her perspective. This novel shows, when we let jealousy control our lives, it can blind us from one 's love and lead us to change negatively therefor fueling our desire to make irrational decisions that can potentially prove to be harmful to not only ourselves but others