C. S. Lewis

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  • Dr. Lewis 's Till We Have Faces

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    Glome where the main character, Orual is writing about her experiences with the gods and how they have mistreated her, the whole story is told from her perspective. This novel shows, when we let jealousy control our lives, it can blind us from one 's love and lead us to change negatively therefor fueling our desire to make irrational decisions that can potentially prove to be harmful to not only ourselves but others

  • Criticism Of The Screwtape Letters

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    C.S. Lewis is a satirical comedy about a demon, Wormwood, who tries to influence the behavior of his patient. The letters are written to Wormwood by his uncle, Screwtape. Wormwood’s ultimate goal by influencing the patient’s actions is to ensure that he will end up in hell. Though Wormwood tries his best to excel in every task he is assigned, he usually ends up failing. As a result of Wormwood’s failures, Screwtape provides him with helpful advice that comes with criticism. Although Lewis intended

  • Theme Of Heroism In Beowulf

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    There is no one quite as honorable as heros,especially epic heros. In the epic poem of Beowulf the readers see a strong sturdy man who is able to do things people normally wouldn’t do or can’t do. Beowulf the big hero of the epic poem is a man beyond believe as stated before. In the poem the readers can run into a big question of analyzing the battles, and the little question being how the show development of beowulf’s heroism. Through the poem we see him fight monsters and dragons. Through

  • Analysis Of The Book 'The Chronicles Of Narnia'

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    Clive Staples Lewis, a British novelist, poet, academic, and Christian apologist managed to transcend cultural boundaries with his fictional literary book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. The book series is regarded as a classic of children’s literature and is Lewis’s best-known work, having sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages. The books were written around 1950 and have been adapted through several mediums, including film. In particular, the film creation of the first of the seven books

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fantasy

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    That is why fantasy books and films are major source of entertainment for the people. As C.S. Lewis quotes, “I am probably one of many who, on a wakeful night, entertain themselves with the invented landscapes. I trace great rivers from where the gulls scream at the estuary, through the windings of ever narrower and more precipitous gorges, up to

  • The Screwtape Letter

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    Have you ever wondered how demons try and lead us away from God and begin to sin? In the Screwtape Letters C.S Lewis shows us how a demon named Screwtape guides his nephew Wormwood on how to make sure their “patient” stays away from Christianity. The Screwtape Letters is an Epistolary novel that was written during World War II. In this novel God is considered “The Enemy” and Satan is “Our Father.” The main characters in this novel are Wormwood, Screwtape, and the patient. Screwtape is a demon who

  • Summary Of C. S. Lewis The Great Divorce

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    Looking at C. S. Lewis’s writings, the diligent will notice many biblically incorrect facts and doctrines that may lead the unsaved or young Christians astray from the truth. This stated, many critics say the twisting of these facts proved necessary for an entertaining story. While Mr. Lewis includes a disclaimer at the begging of his books of this nature stating he took creative liberties, numerus times the line between the truth and the fabricated facts remains very fine. These statements beg

  • Christopher Paolini, And C. S. Lewis

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    be: Jesus, Christopher Paolini, and C.S. Lewis. Jesus was born to a virgin, and around the age of thirty he started his ministry to teach and love on everyone he met, and a couple years later was killed for our sins but rose three days after. Christopher Paolini is an American author who was very advanced in school early in life, after graduating at 15, he wrote the first draft of the book Eragon, the first book of his famous Inheritance Cycle. C.S. Lewis was a British writer who wrote the Chronicles

  • C. S. Lewis The Screwta Letters

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    year’s election was no exception. Politics are without a doubt a greatly debated topic. Millions of post and articles taking sides flew all across social media; some were true while others were not. A supposed satire letter written by author C.S. Lewis became popular throughout social media during the campaigns. Letter is as followed: My dear Wormwood, Be sure that the patient remains completely fixated on politics. Arguments, political gossip, and obsessing on the faults of people they have never

  • C. S. Lewis The Chronicles Of Narnia

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    You may know C.S. Lewis for writing the Chronicles of Narnia, but he was known for a variety of more things. He was known for writing novels, essays, critical commentary, autobiographies, poems, short stories, and he was also a diarist (“World” 2075). He would write about what he was going through of something based on what he believed. C.S. Lewis was a great author because he wrote from the heart and about things that impacted him the most. C.S. Lewis had a challenging childhood, but I believe