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  • Ancient China Essay

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    I believe Paper was the greatest invention of all Chinese inventions, even greater than gunpowder. “Chinese legend tells that the new invention of paper was presented to the Emperor in the year 105 AD by Cai Lun” (Franklin Institute). In 105 AD, Han Emperor Ho-Ti's chief eunuch T'sai Lun tried with a wide variety of materials and worked with the fiber of plants until each filament was completely separate. The individual fibers were mixed with water in a large vat. Next, a screen was submerged

  • How Can We Start Origami?

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    Histagami Many people know, have heard of, or done origami. Much of those people will question, who started origami. The story of who started or where it started it is under debate. Instead of trying to learn who started origami, why not know the history of it. One important thing about the history of origami, is how it spread. We don’t know who started it but we do know how it became popular. In Japan folding paper became an art form known as origami. Origami was mostly used in religious rituals

  • Achinese Contribution

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    Ancient China was extremely advanced and many of its discoveries are still in use today’s world. Perhaps the Chinese has contributed more to the advancement of human kind than any other ancient culture. They have contributed to our world civilization’s achievements in the fields of agriculture, shipping, astronomy, printing, oil, martial arts, ammunition and mathematics. Ancient Chinese inventions such as gunpowder, silk, paper, printing, tea, wheel barrow, iron plows, deep drilling, porcelain,

  • Gunpowder: The Greatest Invention In China

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    Today there are all sorts of products that one could find anywhere they go out. There are electronics, clothing, books, paper, cars, etc. All these products are eventually made with different materials, while others are made out of the same objects. Yes, all products are produced by different manufacturers, and in a different country. In case you did not know most of the products that you find these days come from and where invented in China. China has a great shelf of many different inventions they

  • Hum 111

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    Hum 111 Abstract Ancient Chinese Contributions. (1) Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions. (2) Nominate four that you believe are the most ingenious or innovative. (3) Explain why you believe these four inventions or contributions are the most useful inventions or contributions from the ancient Chinese. (4) Identify one invention or contribution that you cannot live without and explain why. The Ancient Chinese Contributions (1) Gunpowder One of the

  • The Han Dynasty And The Qing Dynasty

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    The Han Dynasty lasted from 206 B.C. until 220 A.D., making them one of China’s longest lasting empires. Their power and reputation rivaled that of the Roman Empire, which was also around at the same time. With only a few moments when they had some difficulties, they lasted four centuries that went through the times of B.C. and through the A.D. times. The Han Dynasty was thought to be the golden age of the Chinese, with their main points of development being in politics, technology, and the arts

  • Impact Of Ancient China

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    History ISU: Ancient China Ancient China brought forth a myriad of advancements and contributions to society, the impact of which can still be felt to this day. The inventions of paper and gunpowder, two widely used pieces of ancient technology, have been adapted in the modern day to better suit the needs of the contemporary man. On top of this, the aptly named Great Wall of China has helped to advance the fields of architecture and engineering, while also providing for China’s economy through

  • What Are The Four Great Inventions Of Ancient Chinese Civilization

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    The four great inventions by ancient Chinese people that have had a huge impact on the entire world are papermaking, gunpowder, printing, and the compass. Paper was a great contribution to the spread and development of civilization. The first nation to invent paper was china ( Words were written on numerous natural materials by ancient people before it was invented ( Mesopotamians used earthen plates, Egyptians used grass stalks, Europeans used sheepskin, Indians used

  • Four Chinese Inventions

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    the inventions of: Papermaking, Printing, Gunpowder, and the Compass, developed during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Starting with the art of papermaking, this process created a writing surface other than bones, silk, or bamboo. Using plant fibers, Cai Lun of the Eastern Han created a lightweight and smooth textured piece of paper--- as opposed to heavy, rough bones or expensive silk. Then, Bi Shang of the Northern Song Dynasty invented movable type printing, which was later updated and succeeded by

  • What Were The Similarities Between The Han And Roman Empire

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    The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were similar through trade because they both utilized the silk road. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were different in the areas of technology. The Roman Empire developed several different innovations such as aqueducts and hypocaust along with many others. The Han Dynasty developed silk, a secret their dynasties kept for a long time. Other new technologies include paper, The Roman Empire had various technological innovations such as aqueducts. The Romans