California Highway Patrol

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  • The Different Levels Of Law Enforcement

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    The Different Levels of Law Enforcement in the United States There are three different level of law enforcement within the United States who penalizes citizens who violate them. These agencies include federal, state, and local law enforcement who conducts operation on different levels. Each law enforcement agency is assigned specific duties within their jurisdiction. In order to maintain peace and order within the United States law enforcement officers are called to duty to serve day in and day

  • Week 2

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    government and for protecting the president. Immigration and Customs Enforcement- enforces the flow of immigrants into the United States. INS agents deport aliens who break the United States naturalization laws. They are also responsible for the patrol of the United States border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. “In the 1990s, INS agents focused on the Mexican-U.S. border, where large numbers of illegal immigrants and huge amounts of illicit drugs entered the United States.

  • Mid Term Essay

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    development of Law Enforcement originated with the need to protect Humans, and property. Once organized systems were put into place, August Vollmer, the first Town Marshall for Berkeley, and later the Chief of Police and Crimininalist for Berkeley California is credited as being instrumental in many facets of Law Enforcement which are still used today and have been enhanced and improved several times over the past decades. His contribution were immediately implemented and respected by many large departments

  • Case Analysis : Toyota Motor Corporation

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    summary The longstanding reputation of Toyota as the best car manufacturers in the world was questioned in 2009 August when a California Highway Patrol Officer known as Mark Saylor who was off-duty together with his family met a fatal accident. The patrol office call 911 from his Lexus as the car gas pedal became stuck and made the car to accelerate over 100 mph in Highway 125 in San Diego. According to 911 tape recording, the officer final word was for the family to hold on and pray as the Lexus

  • I Want To Become A Police Officer

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    For the last couple years, I have been pretty set on entering the field of law enforcement as my future career. Honestly, a big influence that revitalized my interest in the field was the recent hatred towards law enforcement that resulted from the killing of Michael Brown and several other black citizens. Those events helped me realize that some police are bad, yes, but the majority of law enforcement personnel are great people who are risking their lives to protect the people. Therefore, I want

  • The Problem Of Illegal Street Racing

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    speed grew as vehicles became more powerful and faster. But, speed and racing did not come without great consequence. Statistics show in 1999 street racing involved deaths, but was not a giant issue at the time. “In 1999, the Florida Department of Highway and Safety for Motor Vehicles reported 28 accidents related to illegal street racing, with 2 fatalities and 27 injuries. In 2000, the agency reported 39 racing

  • The United States

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    of the criminal justice system, which enforces the law and provides the community with protection. However, in some cities law enforcement has been unable to ensure consistent protection for citizens, due to lack of resources. The budget cuts in California dating back to 2008 are still negatively affecting cities in the state. For example, Oakland Police Department cut back on traffic stops, drug investigation, property crime, and

  • Racial Profiling Or Prejudice Based Upon Race

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    Conference, on the problem of racial profiling, states, “A study in Arizona shows that during 2006-2007, the state highway patrol was significantly more likely to stop African Americans and Hispanics than Whites on all the highways studied, while Native Americans and persons of Middle Eastern descent were more likely to be stopped on nearly all the highways studied. The highway patrol was 3.5 times more likely to search a stopped Native American than a White,

  • Immigration Policy, Border Security And Migrant Deaths

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    Immigration Policy, Border Security and Migrant Deaths: An Impact Evaluation of Life Saving Efforts under the Border Safety Initiative 1. Identify the research design used. The author has used two research designs in this study on immigration policy, border security and migrant deaths. These are: • Historical Research Design. • Correlational or Prospective Research Design. A Historical Research Design is generally used when an author wants to establish his/her hypothesis. To do so, the author

  • Police Officers And The Police Officer

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    Blake Burton Comp II 11/16/2014 In 2002 alone, large state and local law enforcement agencies, those with 100 or more officers, received more than 26,000 citizen complaints about officers’ use of force. Among those complaints only eight percent had sufficient evidence of the allegation to justify disciplinary action against the subject officer (U.S. Department of Justice). These incidents occur frequently but what truly happens is never very clear. Witness reports don’t hold up with evidence, the