California Highway Patrol

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  • `` Mexicans Begin Jogging `` And Small Town With One Road

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    life. Soto, a Mexican-American man, grew up with a lot of negative experiences. His youth is expressed in his poems where he shares past struggles in hopes of ending racism. Gary Soto was born on the 12th of April, in 1952. He grew up in Fresno, California right across the street from a pickle factory. Unfortunately for Soto, “his parents were Mexican-American laborers, and his father was killed in an industrial accident when Soto was five” (Biography in Context). This tragedy, in combination with

  • Organizational Management and Operations Paper

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    responsible for mainly enforcing the laws on highways outside of communities Take the California Highway Patrol these officers assist motorists, clear traffic scene, help aid in emergency situations, and also sometimes help aid local law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects. State police officers are also responsible for crimes that do not fall under local jurisdiction of other agencies. Jurisdiction can be one road between two towns or in-between a major highway (Reid, 2014). State police are the

  • Persuasive Lawson Interview Paper

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    born in northern California in 1945. His father was a navy sailor during World War Two. Friends of his father described him as a very funny, comical man prior to his service. Once he returned he had changed personalities becoming solemn, and tense. Post-traumatic stress disorder was not diagnosable at that point in time. Looking back, my father believes he may have had PTSD. His mother was a stay at home mom until he was in his teens. She began working for the California Highway Patrol as a secretary

  • Racial Profiling by Police is Not a Problem Essay

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    of crime rates than Caucasians. African Americans makes up thirteen percent of the countries total population; however they also make up thirty-one percent of all of the arrests. “... analysts say, [police] stop many more blacks and Hispanics on highways and on city streets then they do whites” (“Crime and Race”). Do the police target these minority races merely on race? Analysts not only believe the idea of racial profiling, they refute it. They consider the fact that these races commit more crimes

  • Disparity and Discrimination

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    In today’s society it is essential to understand the difference between disparity and discrimination. There are numerous people who still believe that the world is prejudice. This paper will compare and contrast disparity and discrimination. The paper will give examples of both and there relation to the criminal justice system. Disparity VS Discrimination “The word discrimination comes from the Latin "discriminare", which means to "distinguish between". To discriminate socially is to make a distinction

  • Cell Phones in the Hands of Drivers:

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    Cell Phones in the Hands of Drivers: A Risk or a Benefit? As of 2000, there were about ninety million cell phone users in the United States, with 85% of them using their phones while on the road (Sundeen 1). Because of evidence that cell phones impair drivers by distracting them, some states have considered laws restricting their use in moving vehicles. Proponents of legislation correctly point out that using phones while driving can be dangerous. The extent of the danger, however, is a matter

  • What Is The Connection Between The Fireguns?

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    and homicide charges showing a relationship connection between the two convictions. Considering this, according to The United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of California, “In 2013, at least 100 defendants were charged with federal firearms offenses by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California. The area in and around the City of Fresno, however, has been a particular focus of firearms prosecutions, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is working closely with the Fresno

  • Portugal 's Criminal Justice System

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    The guarda nacional republicana provides a national highway patrol and here in the U.S. it’s like our highway patrol. The United States criminal procedures are its strengths due to the way we handle things. Our criminal procedure starts with our law enforcement. They conduct investigations, look at cases and if they need more evidence

  • The Negative Effects Of Marijuana Research Paper

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    According to the most recent assessment done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, based on random roadside checks, found that 16.3% of all drivers nationwide at night were on various legal and illegal impairing drugs, and half of them were high on marijuana. (( Haerens, Margaret, and Lynn M. Zott. Medical Marijuana. Detroit: Greenhaven, 2013. Print. )) Page 158 California the first state to legalize it in 1996, (("23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

  • Case Study: The Riverside County Sheriff Department

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    The Riverside County Sheriff Department hosted Coffee with a Cop, Wednesday, March 15 at the Albertsons Starbucks. Joined by Blythe’s local police department, California Highway Patrol and U.S. Dept. of Interim Bureau of Land Management, deputies and officers met with no agenda or written speech, but simply came out to reach the locals. Working together to help bridge the gap between residents’ feeling comfortable enough to approach officers, General Manager of Albertsons, Mel Culp and District