California State Route 99

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  • Green River Killer By Gary Leon Ridgway

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    that spanned three decades. Coffield 's body was the first of many found in or near the Green River in a murder spree that remained unsolved for twenty years. The victims were young women, often prostitutes or runaways, who hitchhiked along Highway 99, a dilapidated stretch of the Sea Tac Highway known for its strip clubs, drugs, and seedy motels (Montaldo). While the majority of the murders occurred between 1982-1984, police had little success in tracking what they soon realized was a serial killer

  • The Green River Killer Essay

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    Forensics has changed the way our criminal system works now. A lot of cases are being solved because of the development of forensics. Even cold cases are being brought up to the light to be investigated again and a good percentage of the cases are being solved and criminals are being brought to justice. The green river killer is one case that really got me intrigued into forensics and I got mesmerized by the techniques that are being used to catch murderers and other crimes being committed. The green

  • What's A Serial Killer?

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    What’s a serial killer? The term serial killer is usually noted as a person who has a particular mental motivation for killing. The murders are usually accomplished in a unique fashion and the killer has a signature that they are often known for. Serial killers are often compared to mass murderers; however, serial killers do not typically follow the mass murderer format where there are no breaks in between the murders. There are many serial killers in the world I chosen one particular case for my

  • Brunswick Corona Lanes City Of Corona

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    variety of billiards and pool tables. This bowling alley will be filled with flat-screen TVs, music, a place where kids can hang out, and a sports bar. Brunswick Corona Lanes main goal is offer residents with endless opportunities of fun by providing a state of the art, well-maintained, and family-friendly facility. Special Promotions Brunswick Corona Lanes is a great place to come together with family and friends to have some fun at a low affordable price, including discounted games and shoe rentals

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Calera Parkway Project

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    people choose to use private vehicles. People find private cars more efficient, comfortable, and faster than public transportation. One of the traffic congestions that provoked a dispute sits in the city of Pacifica. Along the Pacific coastline of California lies the Highway 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, stretching from the northern border of Oregon to San Diego. The Pacific Coast Highway lies at the edge of the Pacific Ocean that provides the beautiful, natural sceneries. However, Highway

  • Ramona Bulldawg

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    Ramona, California, the simply heart-warming town on the outskirts of San Diego County, should be on the list of sites to see when visiting San Diego. With a friendly face on every corner to a historically rural town, Ramona is an under-rated place that should not be overlooked. The youth of Ramona has a significant impact on the town. With town shops closing every Friday night to cheer on the Ramona Bulldawgs, there is no uncertainty that Ramona is just one big family community that welcomes visitors

  • Essay On San Joaquin Valley Environment

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    Doyle Rice of USA Today Newspaper, “California is currently in it's fourth year (2012-2015) of one of the state's worst droughts in the past century.” In August of 2014, all of California was declared to be in a drought and over half of the state was in “exceptional” drought, the worst level (Rice). This drought has led to violent wildfires, water shortages, and potentially staggering agricultural losses. Because of the severity of the drought, the California Governor, Jerry Brown, declared a statewide

  • Effects Of The Drought For Economic Reason, Health Concerns, And The Destruction Of Land On The Citizens

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    soil. It makes for drier land in that region. California has continuous issues with warmer temperatures and dryer land which has brought many ongoing problems. David Zilberman, David Sunding, Richard Howitt, Ariel Dinar, and Neal Macdougall stated that, “California’s water system relies on a sophisticated network of water reservoirs and aqueduct” (Zilberman, Sunding, Howitt, Dinar, and Macdougall 2). There should be restrictions on water use in California to minimize the effects of the drought for economic

  • The Effects Of Pollution On The Air Quality Standard

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    The two biggest air pollution in California are transportation such as cars and trucks and stationary sources such as oil refineries and industry facilities. Two major pollutions are ozone and fine particulate materials. Ozone also known as smog. The cause of smog includes the automobile and industrial processes that involve combustion of fossil fuels. The products of fossil fuel consumption are sulfur dioxide, particles, ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and lead. Ground-level

  • Virtual Network : Virtual Private Network

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    California State University, Los Angeles Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Virtual Private Network Guided by: Dr. Charles Liu Submitted By: Harsha Bhoomesh (CIN-303208495) Department: Electrical Engineering Virtual Private Network 2 Contents:  Abstract 3  Virtual Private Network  Introduction 4  VPN Topology 6  Types of VPNs 7  Components of VPNs  Introduction to GNS3 10  Work of Mine  Network Topology 15  Configuration 17  Various Scenarios 21  Conclusion 24  References