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  • Squirrel Tamarin : A New World Monkey

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    Species Name: Saguinus imperator sciurus Common Name: Squirrel Tamarin Range Distribution: The Saguinus imperator sciurus is a recently found subspecies of the emperor tamarin, which is a New World monkey. It has only been seen in the temperate climate forests at higher altitude (8200-11500 inches) in the southern section of Andes in Argentina. Physical features: Like emperor tamarin, the Saguinus imperator sciurus is a small primate, but the Saguinus imperator sciurus is slightly larger

  • Golden Lion Tamarin Reintroduction Program Essay

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    Golden Lion Tamarin Reintroduction Program Biodiversity may be our most precious gift on this planet. It is amazing to think about how much we know about our fellow creatures, and even more amazing to realize there is still so much to learn. From the smallest pollen to the biggest whale, every species has evolved to be a special part of its ecosystem. It is when we lose sight of the intrinsic value of all this life that we find ourselves destroying the delicate web and irreparably damaging ourselves

  • Similarities And Differences Between Apes And Humans

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    Question 1 The superfamily includes all apes and humans, the family includes great apes and humans, the subfamily includes chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans, and the tribe includes humans. The gibbons are a part of a family called the Hylobatidae family. Other primates are involved in four taxa, the superfamily, family, subfamily, and tribe. These taxa separate primates by evolutionary traits in each taxa. The superfamily’s taxon is called Hominoidea, the family’s is called Hominidae, the subfamily’s

  • Caribbean Primate Evolution

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    Read each question carefully and answer only the question that is asked. Answers for each question should be 2 pages, typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins. This document is already formatted correctly. 1. (20 points) Discuss the dispersal scenarios of platyrrhine origins in the Caribbean islands and Greater Antilles. How do the extinct Caribbean platyrrhine species relate to extant platyrrhines? There are many dispersal theories for how primates, such

  • Conserving Golden Lion Tamarin

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    Conserving Golden Lion Tamarin The Problem The Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) also known as Golden Marmoset, is a small New World monkey of the family Callitrichidae. Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin is an endangered species with an estimated wild population of "more than 1,000 individuals" and a captive population maintained at approximately 490 individuals.               Most of the wild population is confined to the Poço das Antas Biological

  • Primate Evolution

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    Primate Taxonomy Primate Taxonomy Introduction This first lecture is designed to introduce the primate order in terms of its classification and to familiarise you with the animals so that the rest of the course makes some sort of sense. I will cover a working definition of what makes a primate, give you a general classification scheme, describe the major features that identify the groups within the classification and discuss some of the controversial areas of the classification. I shall treat