Camellia sinensis

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  • Bret Hinsch's The Rise Of Tea Culture In China

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    An “ancient legend in China, is that tea was discovered accidentally by the Emperor Shen Nong in 2737 B.C.E.” According to the website, “The emperor was boiling water under a tree and leaves fell into the pot,” and thus the legend of how drinking tea started. According to historical documents, China is the first culture to drink tea or to utilize it in religious or cultural ceremonies. The practice of sharing tea began among family members, neighbors, and friends as a social interaction

  • Tea, coffee and cola are three major beverages widely consumed in the world. Tea was found during

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    beverages widely consumed in the world. Tea was found during the early of Chinese civilizations, the use of tea is not tight as a beverages but its use for medicine too (Mckay & Blumberg, 2002). Tea is a beverage made from the young leaves of a plant Camellia Sinensi which originated in Asia (Cabrera, Gimenez, & Lopez, 2003). However, the features of tea from different countries may have different appearance, aroma, and flavor characteristic. In general, tea can classified into four major categories that

  • Essay on Informative Speech

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    shed many pounds is much higher. And if 5 cups in a single day seems like an overabundant amount of tea for you, there are supplements of green tea extract that can be purchased at many local grocery stores. 5) Another type of tea from the Camellia sinensis plant is Black tea. The health benefits of black tea focuses on the similar areas as green tea. a) The best benefits from black tea come from its high number of antioxidants, which fight off infections and viruses that can attack our bodies

  • Essay about The Wide World of Tea

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    The Wide World of Tea Introduction Consumed as a beverage for the past two to three thousand years in southeast China, tea has an extensive past (Eden 1). The first Chinese tea leaves were believed to be brewed in open pans, however during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) it was discovered steeping the leaves in hot water produced the most flavorful drink (Tillberg). Since the heat of the water was an essential component to producing a desirable beverage, a lidded vessel was created to contain

  • Argumentative Essay On Tea

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    For thousands of years, the East has regarded tea as a key to wisdom, happiness and good health. In recent years, researchers based in the West have started to analyze the various properties of tea in an effort to discover the multitude of health benefits that it can provide. There have been studies performed that indicate certain types of teas can be beneficial to people suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. With obesity already an epidemic in the United States, researchers were happy

  • Benefits Of White Tea

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    It is also extremely beneficial for your health. That is not surprising because it comes from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) as black tea and green tea for example, but white tea leaves are not treated and processed as much which means they contain more nutrients and healthy substances and less caffeine. All of that makes it one of the best, strongest and most healthy

  • The Benefits Of Tea

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    to a tale, in 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor was sitting under a tree while his servant boiled drinking water when some leaves from the tree blew into the water and he decided to unify what his servant had fortuitously created. The tree was a Camellia sinensis, and the resultant drink was what we currently call tea. It is not possible to know whether there is any truth in this tale. But tea drinking surely became established

  • Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Applied as Foliar Spray on the Yield of Mature Tea Under Different Agro-Ecological Conditions

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    PAKISTAN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL NATIONAL TEA RESEARCH INSTITUTE Shinkiari, Mansehra *** Dated: 09-02-2012 Sub: Research Paper for publication Find enclosed herewith a paper entitled “EFFECT OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF NITROGEN APPLIED AS FOLIAR SPRAY ON THE YIELD OF MATURE TEA UNDER DIFFERENT AGRO-ECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS.” for publication in your reputed Journal. Hard copy of the paper will be sent by post. It is requested that above mentioned paper may please

  • Essay on Three Contributions Of Chinese Immigrants

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    from China and from India. Soon, tea was introduced to the rest of Europe and became a very popular beverage.      Tea is made from young leaves and leaf buds of a type of evergreen plant known as Camellia sinensis. The name really means Chinese camellia. The name is because there are so many different types of teas. A Chinese writer said there were “a thousand and ten teas”. Tea is considered black, green or oolong. Most of the international trade today is in black tea. Today

  • Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea

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    Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea Nowadays, most people are looking for super foods endowed with awesome nutrients offering the best possible benefits for health. As all of you are aware there has been a raging battle concerning the goodness of various types of tea for health and weight loss. The forerunners of this battle though have been oolong and Green Tea, with the latter having stolen the limelight for its positive benefits for health. Nevertheless, many of the characteristics may also be attributed