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  • The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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    Canada is known globally for its multiculturalism and loves to boast about it, we even have a day dedicated to it. On Canada’s Multiculturalism Day in 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that “multiculturalism is at the heart of Canada’s heritage and identity - and as Canadians, we recognize that our differences make us strong” (Trudeau). In grade school Canadians are taught about the supposed marvels of multiculturalism and, in Alberta, an entire year of social studies is dedicated to it in

  • Japanese Internment in Canada

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    The core of the Japanese experience in Canada lies in the shameful and almost undemocratic suspension of human rights that the Canadian government committed during World War II. As a result, thousands of Japanese were uprooted to be imprisoned in internment camps miles away from their homes. While only a small percentage of the Japanese living in Canada were actually nationals of Japan, those who were Canadian born were, without any concrete evidence, continuously being associated with a country

  • Immigrants In Canada

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    Canada is a country that is known as a "mosaic" of people and cultures, meaning; it opens it arms to immigrant families and gives them the freedom to express their own cultural values, ideas, beliefs and customs. It is this system that welcomes thousands and thousands of immigrants a year with open arms and the idea of a better life. This idea however, is sometimes not always as easy as it is thought to be. Though Canada is an amazing country for immigrants to start a new life and get better education

  • History of Canada

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    Over the years Canada has been voted as the most preferred country of travel and immigration by multiple news outlets and travel magazines. Thousands of individuals embark on a journey to Canada each year, because the country holds a remarkable reputation as a nation built upon peace, diversity, and acceptance. Canada is known to be a multicultural country, because Canadians are individuals with multiple ethnicities, races, and cultures. The history of Canada is very unique, and different from any

  • Canada Geese : The Canada Goose

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    Scientific Name: Branta canadensis, commonly known as the Canada goose (Conover, 1991). Habitat and Geographic Range Canada geese are generally found in North America. However, the specific geographic range of the Canada goose varies depending on the season, as well as the species’ migration pattern. For the majority of the year, Canada geese are found in more northern areas of North American and during colder months, they migrate south. This migratory pattern generally results in the species travelling

  • Canada And The United States

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    Canada and the United States have been perceived as the world 's “longest undefended border” throughout history. As John F. Kennedy stated, “[Geography has made us neighbours, history has made us friends, economics has made us partners and necessity has made us allies]”(Leskun, 4), this relationship reveals to be the one that signals Canada’s most significant foreign policy. Pulled with ups and downs, the relation tests Canada’s identity as an independent nation. Though we share the same language

  • Canada And The United States

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    different countries. The two with the most relations is Canada and The United States. With having expansive lands both share a very long border. By all accounts both have rich a history with each other and are very similar life style. When a Canadian or an American travels around the world they will get mistaken for the other. But that’s when the not real a good representation of for both countries. Even thou very similar in nature, Canada and The United States have part that make both countries

  • Characteristics Of Culture In Canada

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    Introduction We will cover the culture aspects of the country Canada. Some topics discussed are, culture, military, communication, weather, civil considerations and the overall population of Canada. The major buildup of culture and how it affects the people of Canada. Canadian military, the terrain, infrastructure, lines of communication and significant military conflicts. We will also cover weather, population and agriculture. Civil considerations, i.e. areas, structures, capabilities, organizations

  • The American Of New Canada

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    Welcome good friend to the brand new state of New Canada! What once was a corrupt country north of the center of the world (U.S.) is now the 55th state to the American Empire. The year is 2050, and almost five years since the ending of the Third World War. Five years post war and civilization is still in a state of recovery, which is why we bring Americans a piece of the past and a bit of familiarity with the grand opening of New Canada’s capitol building. We do this to honor the fallen and help

  • The Corruption Of Abortion In Canada

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    Canada should stay as a entire country instead of splitting up into different ones because it will cause a lot of problems that shouldn’t be there and it could make things harder. All provinces and territories have problems, but they don’t have to deal with it by themselves, they have the government and the rest of Canada has their back if they ever need help. Things could get harder if they do separate like getting resources from another country, traveling, land, and other things too. There will