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  • Gender Diversity In Canada

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    Furthermore the levels immigrations also help increase the foreign born population in Canada. From 1996 to 2006 Canada had largest uninterrupted period of immigration (). Even with such diverse population Canada still struggles with equally representing the native population in politics. Throughout history there has been several controversial acts and legislations limiting native influence in Canadian

  • Causes Of Overgeneralization In Canada

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    Aboriginal people have long rich history in Canada, but with this history they have dealt with an abundant amount of injustice, they have been constantly been overgeneralized in the Canadian system of justice leading Aboriginal people to a circle of disadvantage involving poverty and inequality, to employment barriers, health care matters, and education matters as well. Explicit procedures were deliberated to help break this cycle specific methods were put in place. Hence, Aboriginal people have

  • The Human Landscape Of Canada

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    Human Landscape Population growth in British Columbia is among the fastest in all of Canada (British Colombia Environmental Reporting BC, 2016). The current population for B.C. is around 4.4 million people, which is 13% of Canadas total population (Mandres, 2016). B.C. is a growing population with an average of 4.8 people per square Km. 60% of the population is located in the South-Western part of the province. This is known as the Georgia Straight Region. This highly populated area can be seen in

  • Going to Canada by Warren Cariou

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    Through his creative non-fiction piece “Going to Canada”, Warren Cariou proposes that our traditional view of Canada is superficial and fabricated from cover-up stories; we need to look beneath the surface of central issues to construct a well-rounded understanding. Cariou travels to Auschwitz and is quite intrigued by the warehouse called Canada, which is used to store stolen goods from prisoners. He questions how the ‘Canada’ located in the internment camp got its name and what significance the

  • Regionalism In Canada National Identity

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    Another role of regional identity in the formation of Canada is the symbolism of the Canadian flag, which presents a leaf from a maple tree as the national symbol of Canada (Dirks, 2017). Also, companies such as roots uses parts of Canadas landscape to present their products, such as beavers and landmarks like the Hudson’s Bay. However, Canada is also seen as having an identity crisis, and the differences encompassed within each region in Canada makes it difficult to be wholly inclusive when it comes

  • The Quebec Separatist Movement Of Canada

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    some point, countries will fight for freedom at their breaking point. For example, during the mid 1900s, Canada did their own movement called the Quebec Separatist Movement. The movement was about Quebec’s independence from government. The movement involved the citizens of Quebec and a group called Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ). The Front de Liberation du Quebec had kidnapped people in Canada. The Quebec Separatist Movement began due to Quebec’s citizens ambition to become independent and was

  • Is Canada A Good Country To Live In

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    Canada: a good country to live in Do you live in Canada? No? Yes? Well if you don’t live there, I’ll make you live there, the country’s so good that it’s basically the best country to live in. A fact about Canada is that it has more lakes than the world combined and has 20% of the world’s fresh water! This supports my idea on why I think Canada is a good country to live in. First of all, Canada's education is great. In addition, the Canadian government is one of the best government in the world

  • Canadian Political Culture : Canada

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    be break down as beliefs and attitudes that Canadian have of political objects( Jackson, Politics in Canada.1994). The majority of Canadians normally hold similar political notion that, unlike firm beliefs that varies in due time, are more widespread and are considered as the base for political culture. It is these values and attitudes that Canadian citizens share that compose the heart of Canada nation state political culture system. The political culture in general demands other things such as

  • Asian History in Canada Essays

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    Asian History in Canada Around the mid-19th to early 20th centuries, British Columbia was in a period of economic explosion. Those who were willing to work hard could find many opportunities. At this time, gold was found in British Columbia and Canada became dependent on workers to finish making the transcontinental railway. Many lumbering, coal mining and fishing business were not experiencing enough growth to match the needs of the society. This portrayed Canada as a place of opportunity

  • Economic Impacts Of Immigrants In Canada

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    Each year, the number of immigrants based in Canada continues to exponentially grow. According to statistics, it is estimated that immigrants will represent Canada’s total population by 30% in 2036 (Grenier, 2017). Many of these immigrants will become the foundation and cornerstone for Canada to prosper and become a booming country. Through the years, the positive impacts of immigrants in the economy of Canada is seen through the economic benefits of business class immigrants, skilled workers, and