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  • Canadian Law And Aboriginal Laws

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    Canadian law expresses the values and beliefs that Canadians up hold in society. It aims to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner while protecting aims to protect individuals and providing stability for society as a whole.There are many historical origins of law that have directly or indirectly influenced Canadian law, and such they have shaped the Canadian legal system. The most prominent ones are the British common law, the Napoleonic Code known as civil law and Aboriginal laws. To begin, common

  • The Ethics Of The Canadian Law System

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    person to do his/her wantings. It is controversial whether Canadian law has adequately addressed this topic. Bullying has indeed been addressed properly throughout Canada’s law system in various ways. The goal of this essay is to show that the justice system has made many laws and regulations to help victims or anyone involved in the bullying through the many bills created to amend existing acts, the created action plans against bullying and laws that are created in the Criminal Code. To begin with,

  • Canadian Immigration Law

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    appellant, a woman with Canadian-born dependent children, was ordered deported. She then applied for an exemption, based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations under s. 114(2) of the Immigration Act, from the requirement that an application for permanent residence be made from outside Canada. This application was supported by letters indicating concern about the availability of medical treatment in her country of origin and the effect of her possible departure on her Canadian-born children.

  • Canadian Tort Law

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    when performing their occupation or supplying a product. Negligence in the design or construction of a product that results in damage or bodily harm, or could result in damage or bodily harm, can result in liability for economic loss under Canadian Tort law. Engineers, architects, and contractors need to be respectful of their duty of care to ensure their product is precisely produced with no danger of negligence. In 1972, Bird Construction Company Limited entered into a contract with Tuxedo Properties

  • Canada's Influence On Canadian Law

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    Who is the intended audience? The audience is anyone interested in learning about first nations customs and how they influenced canadian law to make it what it is now. Police officers, lawyers, judges, and anyone who works for the government would also benefit from learning about this since their jobs have to do with the law, learning about the influences on our law is important. People who live in towns with first nations people would also benefit from learning about this because if they live so

  • Interpreting The Roots Of Canadian Law

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    History of law offers us an understanding how the law evolves and change with time and place. When we try to interpret the various roots of Canadian law, different questions arise-Why the laws illegal in the past are legal now? Can we understand the past and the current law based on the traditional roots of law, such as a statute, case law, custom, and books of authority? Alternatively, there is something else one has to look into to interpret the roots of Canadian law adequately. What can we imagine

  • Canadian Law Personal Statement

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    are in this situation because the society and the legal system failed them. The law tends to recognize those in power and the wealthy, and often disregards those in the lower class; although they are the most vulnerable and deserve to be protected by the law also. Life in Canada gave me a different perspective on the law. In Canada, the law is upheld, and the legal system does its best to protect the rights of Canadian citizens. I am aware now

  • Facebook’s Non-Compliance with Canadian Privacy Laws

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    changed, and Canada’s laws need to keep up. Personal information has been called the oil of the digital economy and as companies drill for more data, the risk to privacy are growing exponentially.” After an investigation conducted in 2009 prompted by a complaint filed from the Canadian Policy and Public Interest Clinic, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has concluded that Facebook’s current practices of third party applications do not comply with Canadian Privacy Laws. The Commissioner’s concerns

  • Essay about Canadian Morality and the Law

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    Canadian Morality and the Law     In legal theory, there is a great debate over whether or not law should be used to enforce morality.  The sides of the debate can be presented as a continuum.  At one end, there is the libertarian view, which holds that morality is an individual belief and that the state should not interfere in the affairs of the individual.  According to this view, a democracy cannot limit or enforce morality.   At the other end, there is the communitarian position, which

  • Canadian Copyright Law

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    There are various comparable qualities among Canadian and American copyright, for instance, the general walks in the application strategy. Regardless, every so often Canadian lawyer and clients make wrong assumptions about US copyright laws that can essentially influence a copyright case. Besides, some US lawyers and clients erroneously acknowledge more resemblance between Canadian laws and US than truly exists. The Canadian copyright law is important in today’s day in age because it helps ensure