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  • How Did The Ukrainian Immigrants Affect Canadian Society?

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    How did the Ukrainian Immigrants affect Canadian Society. Outline: P1: Introduction Canada, known to its citizens as being diverse and having multicultural history.One historical events of Canada is the Ukrainian immigration. In the 1800, the waves of immigration from the Ukrainian area began as one Ukrainian family came to. Ukrainians are one of the predominant groups that arrived to Canada to start anew. This led them to change a lot of Canada’s society then in the late 1800s. P2: Where they

  • Positive Influence of Hippies on Canadian Society in the 1960s.

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    Positive influence of Hippies on Canadian society in the 1960s. Natasha Kelbas, Ms. Van Hatten December 17th 2009 CHC2D1-05 Hippies are the real activists of freedom who love each other in a positive way. The word hippies generally invoke sterotypes that involves drugs, sex and bare feet. Though it is true that many hippies did practice these sterotypes, they were people who fought for rights and freedom without violence. They gave up the traditional morals and values to promote new values

  • Canadian Aboriginal And Canadian Society

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    Canada in the late 1970’s to take a teaching job at the University of Lethbridge. There, he met his wife, Helen. Together they delved into Canadian society and its multicultural essence. However, being of First Nation descendant, King noticed that in Canada, the Aboriginal population was not as integrated into Canadian society as it was preserved. Canadian society had a reputation of being multicultural, accepting and seeking to add other cultural values, practices and morals too it 's own. However

  • Racism In Canadian Society

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    Racism has become a cccccchjke 1960s, racism was a fairly blatant aspect of Canadian society. Racism played an obvious role in shaping individual attitudes, state policies and institutional arrangements in the economy, the political system and civil society. But to what extent does racism continue to inform and structure how our institutions operate today, what is the social meaning of race in contemporary Canadian society, and what is the most effective way to combat racism in all its forms? The

  • Homosexuality In Canadian Society

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    their children that they needed to be heterosexual to defend Canada. They would also use examples from Canadian society as per what would happen if they did end up gay. Examples like how the

  • The Inequality Of Canadian Society

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    Canadian society is divided into groups labeled as the upper, middle, and working class. These class distinctions come from inequalities in wealth and that political parties tend to appeal to one class over others once elected. In Canada the wealth gap in the socio-economic classes comes from the tendency of the controlling party to focus on the class to which most of its members belong. Socio-economic class divisions in Canadian society can therefore be explained through a state-centered methodology

  • The Democracy Of Canadian Society

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    Canadians, like citizens of numerous countries around the world, take pride in living in a democratic nation. While Canada is unequivocally a democracy, there are certain aspects of the system that call into question its true democratic nature. The electoral system Canada currently has in place is undemocratic and unjust, as it undermines millions of citizens’ rights to vote. This has influenced a great deal of subsequent apathy and indifference toward politics in the masses, and democracy no longer

  • Examining Canadian Discrimination within a Society in Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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    Every individual in society is guaranteed a certain amount of protection and equality from the state regardless of their situation or background. Depending on how the terms discrimination and equality are interpreted in the courts will those rights apply. In the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 15 consists of two subsections which will be examined in terms of discrimination within society. As stated in section 15 (1) “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to

  • Environmental Sustainability And Its Impact On Canadians And Canadian Society

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    oil-duct from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia (Canadian Press, 2013, para. 1). It was to be named the "Northern Gateway Pipeline”.Enbridge 's preliminary announcement on the sixth of March, 2002, not only divided the province of British Columbia on whether environmental or economic prosperity was more important, but the country of Canada as a whole. Although the name "Northern Gateway" is well-known in many Western-Canadian households, few truly know the details of what this project

  • Gender Inequality In Canadian Society

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    Women experience inequality in nearly every aspect of their lives. Although many improvements have been made in the past few decades, there still remains a need for feminism in Canadian society; factors such as the industrial revolution, the glass ceiling and poverty have contributed to gender inequality within Canada today. There seem to be many misconceptions surrounding the intent and purpose of feminists, however, true feminism is simply defined as equal rights between men and women, thus resulting