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  • The For A Patient With Cancer

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    personal accomplished to improve patient outcome (Tinkham, M. R, 2014). Caring for a Patient with Cancer All patients in the hospital have a story behind them that brought them to the hospital. Being a nurse for nine months, some patients have left a footprint in my mind and heart. One such patient was Mrs. R. She was diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen which then metastasized to her lungs. It was a weekend morning, in which I was getting reports on my patients. The previous shift nurse gave the

  • Care And The Cancer Patient

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    AND THE CANCER PATIENT Approach to Care and the Cancer Patient Jennifer Swartz Grand Canyon University NRS 410 October 28, 2012 Approach to Care and the Cancer Patient “When it comes to cancer care, studies suggest that survival rates improve for patients when they are cared for by a multidisciplinary team” (Approach to Care, 2012, p. 1). This quote from the Wilmot Cancer Center’s article on how to approach care with cancer patients sums up two key pieces in approaching cancer care. First

  • Cancer Patient Psychology

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    The majority of cancer patients are distressed due to their health status despite the advancement of new technologies for cancer treatment. These patients are emotionally disturbed which in turn contributes to psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression. The findings of this study show the significance of assessing the psychological conditions of cancer patients before treatment. This calls for the healthcare providers to not only provide treatment to the cancer patients, but also assess

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of A Diabetic Patient With Cancer Patients

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    According to American Cancer society individuals with stage 1 CRC have a 90% five year survival rate with only 12% five-year survival rate with individual with stage 4 CRC. Stage 4 is defined as cancer that has metastasized to distant organs that many include the liver. Current treatment for CRC involves the use of surgery, chemotherapy as well as radiation. Generally surgery is considered first line treatment for CRC in which the affected portion of the colon is removed. Since hyperglycemia in

  • Caring For The Oral Cancer Patient

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    Caring for the Oral Cancer Patient Sonja Black Brown Mackie College Greenville   Oral cancer is considered to be any cancer that affects the head or neck with the exclusion of the brain. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, over 43 thousand people will be diagnosed with oral cancer yearly and of that number over 8 thousand of these cases will result in death (Hill, Deitz, & Sax, 2014, p. para 1). Oral cancer consists of squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphoma

  • Cancer Therapies And Its Effects On Patients

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    Introduction Despite the numerous advances in recent years, many cancer therapies have retained a focus on cytotoxic chemotherapy or radiotherapy as the main course of treatment in patients with various types of maligancies. This approach is however unspecific in its mechanism, and effects its cytotoxic mechanism on healthy patient cells as well as cancer cells, causing a variety of secondary health problems and side effects in the patients, the most obvious and commonly observed being hair loss and

  • Patients With Pancreatic And The Prognosis Of Lung Cancer Patients

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    Among patients with pancreatic (1), hepatocellular (2), or breast (3) cancers, comorbidity caused by diabetes mellitus (DM) contributes to diminished long-term survival. Yet, the influence of DM on the prognosis of lung cancer patients remains ambiguous. In lung cancer patients, two studies have shown that patients with DM survived longer than those without (4, 5). In one of these studies (4), the conclusion was based on a small number of patients with unclear diagnostic criteria for DM and inappropriate

  • Presently VTE In Cancer Patients

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    Cancer is a well known disease with high mortality and morbidity. The morbidity and mortality may be further increased by certain comorbidities that may abate the effectiveness of the treatment regime and increase the burden imposed. One such well recognised comorbidity is thrombosis and the association between the two was first described in 1823 by Jean-Baptiste Bouillard [1]. Later studies by French physician, Armand Trousseau, reported the association between gastric cancer and thrombosis in 1865

  • Communication Skills For Patients With Cancer

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    Curriculum Communication skills, a core element in the care of patients with cancer, is essential for properly managing the expectations of patients and carers, especially in difficult consultations like breaking bad news and in end of life care situations. According to Maguire(2002), “Good communication skills in medical practice can be learned and can always be enhanced”. Results of the randomised studies by Fallowfield (2002,2003) have shown that key communication skills can be improved

  • The Effects Of Music Therapy On Patients With Cancer

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    a particular piece of music. Music therapy has proven beneficial to patients with cancer most notably the psychological and physical end-results. More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year ( Most have heard or know of someone who has had cancer and the stories of the chemo radiation therapy that goes along with it. Imagine the emotions that one feels when diagnosed with cancer. The patient is ultimately suffering from the whole ordeal physically and emotionally