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  • The Worst Day Of My Life

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    Rain thrashed down savagely upon the roof of my candy apple red 1970 Mustang. The car was beautiful, but I never really worried about leaving it outside to get splattered. Even if I did care, it didn 't matter. The five-car garage was already packed with all of Bill 's trophy vehicles. Bill had purchased the classic for me anyway. After shutting the car door, I trudged up the driveway to the curve path that led to the double doors of my house. While I walked, icy rain seeped through my clothes, cooling

  • Descriptive Essay About Jawbreaker Island

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    called Gummy Mars. This planet is a periwinkle colored crystal in the sky, 3D shaped obviously. Jawbreaker Island is on the top of the crystal. You would think that the island is at a slant, but once you get into the planet, it is a flat field of candy and color. My enormous space ship was trying to fly back to Earth but it was hacked by the gummy rulers. I can vividly remember how I enter Gummy Mars. We got to the fortress that made the crystal invisible to any human eye. The Gummies take their

  • The Car Is Miles Away

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    This is where holiday foods and candies go after the holiday is passed. For the most part, however, the Halloween candies were all sold away by the time I visited the store in early November. The bins were full of the usual mix of pastas, pasta sauces, canned fruit, and soaps. If I had continued forward I would have passed the

  • Downtown Whitehall

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    summer day, my grandma always took us to get ice cream at Stewart’s. My favorite was a flavored was “Fireworks”. Strawberry ice cream, with candy coated red and blue pop rocks inside, and streams of strawberry syrup running through it. After the coldness of the ice cream had melted in your mouth, the little candy pieces slowly started to dissolve their candy coating and crackled and popped inside my mouth. It made eating ice cream more fun than it already was. I played softball every summer too.

  • The Fat Girl Analysis

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    considered beautiful, one must be thin. Louise, for the majority of her life, outwardly appears as if she's trying to conform to society's standards of dieting and trying to be thin, but when completely alone, she hides her guilty pleasure of binge eating candy bars. The pressure is placed upon her from her childhood and follows her throughout her life, until her marriage falls apart after she gains weight. Andre Dubus shows us, through the events that occur in Louise’s life, that only after accepting ourselves

  • Descriptive Essay On Halloween

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    2-5 close friends and we would probably just play video games if there is more than 3 people there. But costume wise if I did go outside and walk around with my dogs I think I would just put on a onesie and show off my dressed up pups. If I did buy candy I would just get an assortment of different kinds. But let’s go into more detail about these three ideal halloween must haves. A perfect party for someone like me contains just a few friends or just even one close one just chilling on a bean bag watching

  • Halloween Informative Speech

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    people come up with for themselves every year. Once you and your friends have your costumes on, you are ready to knock on strangers doors and basically demand candy or other sorts from them. It is that uncomplicated. Each house is a mystery as to which treats they will give to you. Some may give you Dum-Dums, others hand out full-size candy bars, and very few bake Halloween-themed pastries. Sure, you have to walk around town, from door to door, saying the same thing, and your feet may begin to hurt

  • Celebrities For Sale By Mark Bittman And Smoke Signals By Carl Stoffers

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    are today. This is evident on page 10 of the article where he says, “. . . young people. . . are often attracted to flavors like Yummi Gummi Bear, Cotton Candy, and Banana Split… there are serious questions about their safety.” The reason for the liquids being named this way is so teens would be easily drawn to them ( gummy bear and cotton candy are flavors that would appeal more to a child than a grown adult ), therefore making them an easy target. Stoffers also debunks the manufacturers claim that

  • Blue Ribbon Case Study

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    finest ingredients were used. Preservatives were not added to the candies, thereby enhancing the high-quality taste. To control the quality, candies were made at the single manufacturing location. Candies were made by hand, the old-fashioned way, and packaged in a distinctive silver box with a blue ribbon in a bow. The silver box with a blue-ribbon bow became a well-recognized symbol of Bleu Ribbon Chocolates and the quality candies they produced; indeed, the box became synonymous with the brand

  • A Short Story : The Story Of A Girl : A Story?

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    wandered into a candy shop and cautiously walked through the aisles. “I have to be quick” Vera muttered under her breath. She then grabbed a handful of dancing bears (now known as gummy bears) and hid them under her ragged shirt. Vera walked steadily, but quick towards the door, before she could make it out she heard a silent clunk and tearing noise. She looked down to see the dancing bears rapidly falling one by one. Vera then scooped up the bottom of her shirt and held it so the candy wouldn't fall