Canoe camping

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  • A Brief Note On The First Time Or Recreational Paddler

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    For the first time or recreational paddler there is perhaps nothing scarier than having your canoe or kayak capsize. Sometimes it is caused by the incautious tilting their boat a little further than it is meant to go, but very often it is caused be a force beyond your control. Waves or wake caused by wind, swell, or boats very often lead to a capsized boat and possibly a paddler in distress. There are a few techniques to help prevent this so you can enjoy your day on the water. Boat position or

  • Reflection : My Experience On A Outdoor Experience

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    the semester whenever I saw that we had to go on a camping trip and I wasn’t necessarily excited, but I wasn’t upset either. I’ve gone camping with my family before and it was fun, but I hated staying in a tent. Instead of being negative about the situation, I told myself that I would make this a fun and positive experience. I would have the opportunity to meet new people and get close to some of my fellow classmates. As the day for the camping trip got closer I started getting a little nervous

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Vacations

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    by himself. He was super excited because we were going camping on the beach, and he loved camping. The plan was that we were going to kayak over to the island we would be staying on with all of our stuff, then kayak back in the morning. That is not how it worked out. What we did not realize was how far the island was from the actual lodge. I got my own kayak with a tow just in case. My sister and mom shared a kayak, while my dad took a canoe with all of our

  • Canoeing In Canad A Brief Textual Analysis

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    I know from experience the fear and terror that struck my eyes when canoeing down a lake in Canada. A few years ago back in 2014 I went camping in Canada, but this is not just any sort of camping trip, with a nice “rustic” log cabin fitted with WiFi to make your camping experience more”pleasurable”. No,no,no, this was REAL camping. Miles and miles away from any sort of any human civilization with no more supplies than what you bring on your back. This was a canoeing backpacking trip meaning my family

  • High Island Research Paper

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    same summer camp for six years and most years we canoe out to High Island, which is about a mile away from the camp, or a 45 minute paddle. I’ve never had much luck going out to the island. One year it was so windy we had to stop at a town dock and be driven back to camp because the winds were so strong, and the water was so choppy. Another year my canoe was dented, which dramatically affected the tracking so we had to be tied to a counselor's canoe and brought back to camp. With the strong memories

  • Descriptive Speech About My Dragon

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    Enveloped in the deafening cheers, I rise with the crowd for the winner team of the annual dragon boat race held in Kentucky. The surging waves, the billowing flag, and the spurting paddlers, all bring me back to the old tales of childhood; how predecessors have sacrificed for the great cause, how the auspicious dragon has blessed our birthland. I hear my Grandma's voice echo like solemn peals," the true dragon lies within your heart…". As one imposing dragon finally takes over the banner, I am submerged

  • Descriptive Essay : ' Just Around The River Bend '

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    “Just around the river-bend...Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum?” If you’ve ever heard this song from Pocahontas, then you know that this part of the song relates to many aspects of life. This song reflects the decision that my best friend and I made this summer. My best friend, Julia, and I are a very outdoorsy pair and are avid fishers. Naturally, our first choice of entertainment is something outdoor related. We decided that the week I leave for my Colorado trip

  • My Dream Story

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    In the Caribbean, a tropical and beautiful place, surrounded by blue and clear seawater. Lives ten-year-old Nakili. Adventurous and likes challenges, play’s on the beach with friends until the evening arrives. They will sit on the sand looking at the horizon, watching how the sunlight goes behind the multicolored seas, beyond the white breaking waves on the reef. Nakili was super inquisitive and dreamed of what could be beyond the ocean. His father. The head of Nicaragua's Miskito's indigenous fishermen;

  • The Tsimshian Tribe

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    Tsimshian Tribe Tsimshian, which means “ People inside of the Skeena River”, is one of the coastal tribe in the Pacific Northwest Coast. This tribe distribute in two main areas, which are British Columbia, Canada and Alaska in the US. According to that, they have a different group name for each location. For example, Tsimshian indigenous who live surrounded the mouth of the Skeena River and nearly the sea; the Gitskan who live further up the indigenous people place; the Nishga who stay the basin

  • My Best Friends

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    When I was really young I didn’t go to summer camp, I would spend it with my cousins on Cape Cod. From age 3 to 9 we would spend at least half the summer there, going to the beach and spending time with my family. I went to rec camp for 2 weeks when I was going into Second grade, but it wasn’t memorable apart from the visit to Funtown Splashtown. When I was going into fifth grade my parents decided to send my sister and I to Blueberry Cove Camp in Tenants Harbor. It was a week long sleep away camp