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  • Values Of The Literary Canon

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    The selection for canonical texts is still controversial as there are many criteria required for selection into the canon such as use of language, imagery, it must stand the test of time, and reflects on the social views at the time the text was written. Literature and the

  • Essay on Expanding the Literary Canon

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    representative sampling of what various scholars have contributed relative to the ongoing debate over the literary canon, I will attempt to highlight three distinct positions which are all informed by John Guillory's critical contributions to the canonical debate. First, I will discuss the concept of ideology and canon formation as Guillory first articulated it in his 1983 essay, "The Ideology of Canon Formation: T. S. Eliot and Cleanth Brooks," and which he subsequently thoroughly revised and included

  • Reflection Of Psalm 121

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    I read this passage to Cindy a few times over the last 2 ½ years. It always seemed to bring her peace as she processed her next step in this journey. Psalm 121 seems to speak of the tough times in our lives and how we can still find peace. God does not live in some celestial tower, far away from the world God created. God cares for all the people and all of creation. God cares for us amidst all the twists and turns of life’s journey. It is that conviction which inspires Psalm 121, a Psalm I read

  • Climate Change And Bamboo : The Issues Of Income, Productivity And Livelihood

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    variables for the study and nineteen different socio-personal, agro-economic and techno-managerial factor of the respondents were considered as the causal variables for the study. The data were processed into step down regression, factor analysis and canonical correlation analysis. The study reveals from the step down regression that the variables like Age(X1),Family size

  • Article Review : Deep Correspondence Restricted Boltzmann Machine For Cross Modal Retrieval

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    cross-modal retrieval: Jithin Pradeep Article Review. Article Review : Deep correspondence restricted Boltzmann machine for cross-modal retrieval Abstract of article Cross-modal retrieval task tries to exploit the correlation between the component using a canonical cor-relational analysis. In simple word, cross model retrieval would involve retrieving an image using a text input or image to generate a corresponding narration. In world where internet user throws up bunch of multimodal content make it important

  • The Gospels Are The Closest Things We Have A Primary Source For The Life Of Jesus

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    The four gospels are the closest things we have to a primary source for the life of Jesus. Each one recounts the same story, but with different details and focuses. During my research of the gospels, I noticed that Jesus seemed to be a large advocate of women’s rights for his time period. He changed the laws of divorce to be more equal between the sexes, and treated everyone he met equally, regardless of their gender or ethnic background. Additionally, there are prominent female figures that played

  • K-Maps

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    Question 1 2 / 2 points Looping on a K-map always results in the elimination of: variables within the loop that appear only in their uncomplemented form. variables that remain unchanged within the loop. Correct Response variables within the loop that appear in both complemented and uncomplemented form. variables within the loop that appear only in their complemented form. Question 2 2 / 2 points In a K-Map the number of squares in a cover (loop) is allways a power of two. Correct


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    CONFLICT BETWEEN EMPLOYEES OVER MISBEHAVIOUR INTRODUCTION: In general conflict resolution is mostly concentrated on the conflicts that have occurred in the public. In this report I have tried to explain the circumstances that lead to conflict in workplace. This report analyses the situation using organizational behaviour concepts and gives an alternatives to avoid this kind of situations in future and my learning’s. Time period: August 2013 BACKGROUND: Paul and I were working alongside

  • Analysis Of Virginia Woolf 's ' Woolf '

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    When it comes to reading infamous modernist novels and short stories, Virginia Woolf is the way to go. Woolf was famous for a few of her famous novels, many short stories, and her feminist views that were not as normalized as it is today. Because of her work and who she was as a person, Woolf’s work left a mark on the literary world in the twentieth century. Woolf’s work is presented in many different ways because of the many ways that she formed her thoughts onto paper. Woolf has her way with different

  • The Theme Of Time In Michael Cunningham's 'The Hours'

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    its prisoners in a life of misery. This concept is ever so daunting in Michael Cunningham’s novel, The Hours. His three main characters, Clarissa Vaughan, Laura Brown, and Virginia Woolf, live in three different time periods. Through the span of twenty-four hours their stories intertwine, defying the rules of time which the characters themselves were left to contemplate. In his novel, The Hours, Michael Cunningham’s characters, Clarissa, Laura, and Virginia demonstrate both the negative and positive