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  • Glines Canyon Dam Analysis

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    discussing the process of the removal of the Glines Canyon Dam on the Elwha River in Washington State. The removal of the Glines Canyon dam is the largest dam removal that has ever taken place thus far. The removal of the dam began in late 2011, 3 years later after the removal of the dam was complete the salmon began again migrating down river, trees and vegetation began to sprout in the reservoir bed, and sediment that was once trapped behind the dams walls are now rebuilding beaches at Elwha’s outlet

  • Analysis of Brower vs. Dominy argument in Encounters with the Archdruid

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    Encounters with the Archdruid, the author observes the discourse between conservationist David Brower and Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, Floyd Dominy, on the merits of dams in the southwestern United States. Brower "hates all dams, large and small," while Dominy sees dams as essential to our civilization. The Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, which Dominy created, are the main issue of debate between the two men. Floyd Dominy graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1932 and, after an unsuccessful

  • The Damnation of a Canyon Essay

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    Strong Response: The Damnation of a Canyon In the reading The Damnation of a Canyon, the author, Edward Abbey, described his outlook on the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. Throughout his reading, he emphasized many positives the Glen Canyon Dam once had. The text revealed Abbey believing the nature that Glen Canyon used to contain and how people didn't appreciate it. He used his perspectives of when he worked as a park ranger before all the changes happened. He strongly believed in nature. He

  • The Monkey Wrench Gang: The Law breaking Heroes Essays

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    hence his name. Seldom is a professional guide, wilderness outfitter, boatman and packer who's business went down hill when the freely flowing Colorado River was stopped by a dam, "the dam which had plugged up Glen Canyon, the heart of his river, the river of his heart" (63). Every time Seldom passes over the Glen Canyon dam he prays for "a little old pre-cision-type earthquake" to free his trapped river (33).   In The Monkey Wrench Gang, Abbey is able to tap into the reader's thoughts by

  • Essay about Rhetorical Reading

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    pouring the concrete for the dam Lake Powell has been a center of controversy. From nature preservationists to ancient ruins advocates the subject has been heated and intense. On the other hand, those who support Lake Powell are just as avid and active in their defense of the reservoir. One of the former, Edward Abbey, sets forth his plea, hoping it does not fall upon deaf ears.      Abbey attempts in his article to help the reader visualize Glen Canyon before it was dammed up

  • The Sierra Club 's Political Program Essay

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    environment. So naturally, the conservatives oppose such changes in order to continue their operations and not succumb to new environmental measures. This idea is found within the erstwhile Grand Canyon Campaign, in which The Sierra Club compromised with the Bureau of Reclamation in order to save the Grand Canyon from flooding. Though, the bureau still got their power in terms of coal power plants. However, the liberal agenda can be identified most apparently within the various acts of legislation the

  • Monkey Wrench Gang Summary Essay

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    of the edge with the bullets and never found. In the last chapter, the rest of the gang is playing a poker game when Doc Sarvis gets an unexpected visit from Hayduke, who somehow survived, and wants to finish their initial job, destroying Glen Canyon dam. I believe that Abbey did achieve his purpose with this writing. The book has so much emotion, and detail about the beauty of this place that it’s hard to think that he didn’t. The book was very interesting, as well as powerful. It was a difficult

  • Character Development in Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang

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    a Mormon and husband to three women all from Utah, guides river trips down Lee?s Ferry for a living. Smith, like Hayduke, remembers the Southwest to be something different. He recalls, "the golden river flowing to the sea. . . . He remembers the canyons. . . and the amphitheaters" (31). What he doesn?t remember is "all these things lay[ing] beneath the dead water of the reservoir" (31). "A true autochthonic patriot, Smith swears allegiance only to the land he knows" (358). All the members of the

  • Essay On The Speed Run

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    Speed Run The Grand Canyon is an American icon. It formed by years of down cutting by the Colorado river, and it is the most impressive physical feature in all of North America. In the book the Emerald Mile, Kevin Fedarko writes about the fastest trip ever recorded down the Grand Canyon in a watercraft. Throughout the book, it shows the creation of the Glen Canyon Dam and how the creation of this dam puts a hold on the runaway Colorado River, and make the speed run down the Canyon possible. Although

  • Hydroelectric Dams Advantages And Disadvantages

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    byproducts. There are two main typed of hydroelectric dams. One version uses the natural flow of the water to spin a turbine and generate electricity and is significantly less ecologically damaging than its counterpart, the gravity dam. A gravity dam spins a turbine by using gravitational energy to transport water from the top of the dam to the bottom and the massive push of water generates large amounts of electricity. These are the types of dams that are most familiar when considering hydroelectric