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  • The Importance Of Natural Capital On Human Capital

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    Natural capital is interconnected with human capital in that human capital depends upon natural capital for survival. Human capital relies on clean air, groundwater, surface water, food, soil for crops, minerals from the soil, crops themselves, fuels, fibers, materials to build with, ocean fisheries, climate control and regulation, and so much more. Many of the goods and services provided to humans by natural capital go unnoticed and as a result, natural capital is taken for granted. Additionally

  • Capital as a Factor of Production and the Capital Theory Debates

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    1.1. Capital as a factor of production and the capital theory debates Beginning in the mid-1950s and for the following twenty years or so, a debate concerning the neoclassical treatment of capital turned apparent in the discipline. This gave rise to a series of exchanges between scholars associated with Cambridge, England, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, (US). This debate is broadly known in the literature as the ‘Cambridge capital theory controversies’. The relevance of this controversy lies in

  • Human Capital And Non Physical Capital

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    It is well known that unmeasured cross-country differences in human capital reveal as cross-country differences in TFP, but it is still hotly debated for how much human capital can account. Mankiw, Romer and Weil (1992) emphasize the importance of investment in human capital and claim that the Solow growth model augmented to involve human capital can account for most of the variation in differences in output per capita. On the other hand, several recent works provide different conclusion, for example

  • Cultural Capital And Social Capital

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    constructionism, hackneyed class cliches are equally as pervasive. Pierre Bourdieu coined the phrase ‘cultural capital’ which is the representation of the cultural knowledge, temperament and disposition that is inherited from generation to generation. Published to the Oxford University Press, Pierre Bordieu explained his theory of cultural capital as consisting of three elements: “cultural capital can exist in three forms: in the embodied state, i.e., in the form of long-lasting dispositions of the mind

  • Venture Capital : Investment Capital

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    Introduction Venture capital has originated out of the need for non-conventional, high risk finance for new ventures rooted on innovative entrepreneurship. Venture capital is typically an investment in the form of equity, quasi-equity and sometimes debt made in novel or untested concepts, championed by a technically or professionally qualified entrepreneur. Venture capital is risk capital. It refers to capital investment, both debt and equity, fraught with substantial risk and uncertainties. The

  • Capital Disciplinement And Capital Punishment

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    Some say capital punishment is the largest amount of discipline. As indicated by 71% of the United States there is no harsher discipline than death itself. 58 nations hone capital punishment. The United States of America, is one of the 58. Starting at 2015 the United States will just utilize capital punishment if indicted first-degree kill. Some trust that death penalty will prevent killers. I will be contending that capital punishment does not stop lawbreakers and that the United States ought to

  • Capital Punishment And Capital Involvement

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    Capital punishment is an individual punishment to death for committing a crime. The history of capital punishment fluctuates worldwide, between different governments and beliefs. The current issue of capital punishment is taking lives without having a reliable reason to take them to the death penalty. One large and main issue is that capital punishment breaches, or breaks two essential human rights, which are the rights to life, and rights to living free of torture. This is a huge issue because

  • Social Capital And Cultural Capital

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    After cultural capital and cultural arbitrary, then, comes the third capital, which Bourdieu’s theory terms habitus. Habitus is a term, which is similar to cultural capital because they are transmitted from home: “Like cultural capital, habitus is transmitted within the home” (Sullivan 149). However, there is a dissimilarity concerning cultural capital and habitus: “… whereas cultural capital consists of the possession of legitimate knowledge, habitus is a set of attitudes and values, and the dominant

  • The Cost of Capital

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    Cost of Capital Introduction This paper examines key elements of a cost of capital policy to facilitate objective management and allocation of corporate funds. In order for a company to make long-term investments to grow, whether that is new equipment, new products or other assets, managers must be aware of the cost of acquiring any of these assets. The obvious objective for these managers is to earn more than the cost of capital and in doing so will increase their company’s market value. If

  • Capital Budget : Capital Budgeting Essay

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    project’s potential cost and benefit, this analysis is known as capital budgeting. Authors Besley & Brigham of the text book CFIN 4, 4th Edition explain, “Thus, the capital budget is an outline of planned expenditures on fixed assets, and capital budgeting is the process of analyzing projects and deciding (1) which are acceptable investments and (2) which should actually be purchased.” (Besley & Brigham, 2015, pg. 145). Creating a capital budget and forecast that is as close as possible to the realized