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  • Essay about Assessment - Used Car Price Negotiation

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    Assessment for Used Car Negotiation Simulation Summary My target for this negotiation was to get the car at $4,500, the low end of blue book value. $4,500 could be the net price, which means if seller can offer something else, such as maintenance service, parts or accessories to offset some part of the cost, I can accept higher price. My BATNA is to deal with other seller for similar used car. Eventually, I couldn’t make any deal with seller during the negotiation because he wanted to sell

  • Personal Narrative: Reducing The Price Of Cars

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    upgrade. We looked on Kelley Blue Book to see what the trade in value for our car. It is worth about 5k. Not a bad price, but we could have gotten a better one. We looked on the internet to find a hybrid. We found a few choices, but narrowed it down to the 2016 Toyota Prius Two Hatchback. It costs from $24,095 to $22,095. If we reduce the price compared to our trade in value, we get an $18,095 car. This is a good price, but we also have to consider some other things as well. First, we will looked

  • The Price Unlimited Corporation Has Invented The Engine Of Rocket Car

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    The Futures Unlimited Corporation has invented the engine of rocket car. As the inventor, the company currently has a patent on this specific product. Only this firm has the exclusive right to control and distribute the quantity of this certain isotope of plutonium on the market. Therefore it is enjoying a monopoly and will maximize its profit. The profit maximizing behavior of a monopolist is explained below: Profit (π) = Total Revenue (TR) – Total Cost (TC) = P×Q – TC According to the FOC

  • Statistics Experiment Essay

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    project on that information; instead I chose data on 100 different cars, the reason for this is that I like cars more and may perhaps pursue it as a career. I did not want to do a project on data that I have no interest in. The 100 different cars have data under the following headings, Car number in order from 1 to 100, the make of the car, the price when new of the car, the current second hand price,

  • The Characteristics Of Oligopolies

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    monopoly price is set. The contestable market model is a model of oligopolies where barriers to entry and exit, not market structure, determine price and output

  • Classic Car Investment Essay

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    are a car enthusiast or you just use cars to get back and forth from work this is an amazing number. A car that sold for more than 20x its original MSRP. How does this happen? Classic car investing is becoming the new stock market for the wealthy. Buying, storing, then selling cars for a profit sounds like a simple system, but can you really make money investing in classic cars? Auctions are now being televised and we see cars selling well over their original price tag. Even with these prices some

  • North Country Auto Case

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    Chapter 5 Profit Centers 201 Country Auto, Inc. {Liddy, part owner of North Country Auto, Inc., was feeling pretty the new control systems recently put in place for his five departtiers (new and used car sales, service, body, and parts departments) . .escrioes eacn aepartment. Mr. Liddy strongly believed in the concept " geach department individually as a profit center. But he also recoghl3.llengeof getting his managers to "buy in" to the system by work '::.:ffotthe good of the dealership

  • Weaknesses Of Ford Company

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    ford company has is that they have good supplies for making their cars , they are considered as one of big companies and that requires higher workers who are trained well to do the job in their field . The company has a famouse brand name that has higher history which helps the company to continue and be great at what they sell . The other strength is that customer are satisfied with they buy from ford company once they bought the car . Qualities is always very important to customers when they are

  • Porter's Five Forces In Automobile Industry

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    market ad low when there are significant entry barriers to entering a market. These entry barriers make it difficult for new firms to enter an industry and often place them at a competitive disadvantage even when they are able to enter. The domestic cars that have produce in Malaysia are Proton and Produa. This can be seemed that in automobile industry, there have

  • The Major Impacts Of Car Advertising And Its Impact On Consumers

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    whose advice to take? Car buying has become increasingly difficult for many new comers as the sales people try to convince you to buy a more expensive car than you actually need. How would you decide to find a car that is perfect for you? Most consumers usually base their decision on ads of the cars and car’s brand. Advertising has a major impact and sway consumers one way than another usually to buy a product. These ads influence many of decisions from buying clothes to buying cars through many forms