Caramel corn

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  • My Favorite Experience

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    “THEY HAVE CARAMEL POPCORN,” I yelled to my friends. They didn’t seem to care, but on an elementary field trip there is always so much going on that even caramel popcorn can seem boring. We were in the old student building of the University of Washington and the lunches were blowing my mind. Compared to the reheated-by-microwave slop they plopped on my tray everyday back at school, this cafeteria was a feast for the gods. I knew I had to go here someday, if only to be able to get caramel popcorn every

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wet Candy

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    Wet Caramel Sugar + enough water to moisten the sugar. Start Heating the Pan (115-120oC) Use a wet pastry brush to eliminate sugar crystals As the amber brown colour appears turn the heat to medium Add any other ingredient’s if required. Start string the mixture Once final required colour is attained stop cooking and Pour in moulds • CARAMEL AND CRYSTALLIZATION When a wet caramel is made, first we make a sugar syrup which is sugar dissolved in water. The water evaporates as heating process

  • Essay on Milton Hershey

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    another candy business in New York City. This as well failed. It wasn’t until Milton started dealing with caramel, that he really started seeing results back on his business that he was getting from customers. The thing that really eneded up striking gold for him as we all know was the chocolate industry. He took a big risk in getting into too, considering that he sold his fairly profitable caramel candy store to pursue finding a way to distribute chocolate cheaper and easier to lots of lower class people

  • Descriptive Essay On Cafe

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    The Lokal In my ceaseless visits to new cafes that seem to be sprouting every other day in this tiny island, it is only natural that I won’t like some. But it is also natural to have a favourite one that shines. That’s The Lokal. This newly opened Aussie-inspired café along Neil Road is not your normal stop-by dining spot. I was welcomed by the casual retro interior and comforting natural light shining in from the French windows, one step into it and I had my heart on sleeve already. The open-concept

  • Descriptive Essay About The Maze

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    The Maize Maze Diego Villada-Youel As I crawled in the back of my dad’s truck, ready to go to the corn maze, my stomach felt like it had a hundred butterflies were trying to get out. About halfway to the corn maze my stomach felt like the butterflies that we're trying to storm out had ten babies each, that we're now trying to burst out like fireworks. I could taste the dirt under my nails when I was chewing them due to the tizzy feeling I had about what was going to happen in the maze. Finally

  • Thanksgivings: A Narrative Fiction

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    to find a burnt pecan pie practically boiling in the oven. “Always loved burnt diabetes,” Sam says to himself. He grabs the oven mits and takes it out. Pecan pie goo syrup stuff has dripped onto the base of the oven and now burns like overcooked caramel. Sam scrunches his nose at the smell and closes the oven. He’ll clean it later. ----------- Dean and Cas wakeup the next morning spirits high and backs sore from resting against the cabinet. Dean looks at Cas groggily smiles. Then he remembers

  • Persuasive Speech On Soda

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    contains these few basic ingredients which are carbonated water, natural flavor, caramel color, phosphoric acid and high-fructose corn syrup. The first few ingredients in an average soda are harmless. Carbonated water is plain water infused with carbon dioxide, which creates the bubbles and the gassy feeling we get while drinking soda. Natural flavors are often of the citrus variety and added for taste while caramel color is a natural additive that gives the color of food products. Besides, the next

  • Why Schools Should Provide Food Education Classes Essay

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    If asked, would you be able to explain in detail how the food you ate for dinner last night was made and what ingredients it contained? Furthermore, would you be able to identify the presence of corn in your meal? Unfortunately, the average American would not be able to. Food is one of the most basic and essential human needs, yet it is a topic that most of us know very little about. Tom Small believes that this should change. Small asserts that parents nowadays do not have time to cook healthy

  • Lab Report On Dicytatis In Osmosis

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    Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine how the egg changes when it was in different substances which were distilled water and corn syrup. The reason the eggs change in size is because of osmosis. Osmosis is a form of facilitated diffusion when water moves through channels, water is moving from high to low. There are three types of solutions, isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic. When the egg is placed in an isotonic solution the egg will stay the same size. Isotonic is when the concentration

  • Special K

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    MKTG 806 Applied Marketing Strategy Cetin BILGIN 42180961 1) Executive Summary 2) Product Overview * What’s the product * Target market- stakeholder * Marketing message, brand positioning, product positioning 3) Location Overview 4) Current Marketing Mix * Product * Price * Placement/place * Promotion 5) Key Marketing Issue 6) Recommendation * 3 strategic recommendations to improve 7) References 2) Product Overview (Special K with Chocolatey Flakes)