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  • Comparing Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Low-Fat Diets Essay

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    Comparing Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Low-Fat Diets             The two diets I will be focusing on are comparing the low-carbohydrate diet or the Atkins diet to low-fat diets. The low-carbohydrate diet on one hand restricts the amount of carbohydrate a person consumes, resulting in greater weight loss after six months compared to low-fat diets. The low-fat diet, on the other hand, allows people to lose weight by restring the amount of fat they consume on a daily basis thus causing

  • The Atkins Diet Essay

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    “The Atkins Diet,” a high protein, high fat, low-carbohydrate diet was introduced in 1972 by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, MD. Dr. Atkins believed that a diet high in sugar forced the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin, causing the body to store calories as fat. He believed that if we consumed fewer carbohydrates, then our bodies would produce less insulin. By doing so, our bodies would use stored fat for energy, resulting in weight loss. (1) “The Atkins Diet” consists of four phases. The first

  • Choosing Between Low-Fat and Low-Carb Diets Essay

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    however she has missed some finer points. While fats at 9 calories per gram do in fact yield more calories per gram than carbohydrates which are 4 calories per gram and as such do indeed have a greater potential for energy use she is misguided in her thinking and taking an approach where she drops her carbohydrates low and takes in high fat in her diet is perverting the facts. A diet of the energy-dense fats will not be better for her in this event. She needs to trust and listen to her coach and their

  • South Beach Diet Essay

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    Beach Diet The South Beach Diet is a diet plan designed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and dietician Marie Almon. In 1995, Dr. Agatston developed a diet to prevent heart disease for his cardiac and diabetes patients. According to the South Beach Diet website, Agatstaion knew that a low-fat diet would reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease, but patients had a hard time sticking to the diet. Agatson wanted to find out the reason why his patients had a hard time sticking to the low-fat diet. So

  • Health Of Kicker With Type B, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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    Kicker, a 3 year-old boy, who has never been to a doctor, never received any type of shot or poke, eaten a clean, nutrient dense diet throughout his short three years and never had anything toxic on his skin, was sitting in the cold hospital room waiting for news of a diagnosis. Nurses came in and out of the waiting room, bringing in needles, advice, paperwork and machines. All of which were intimidating to a 3 year-old and his mother, Season, who happened to be a holistic nutritionist. A nurse came

  • Physical Activity Is Important For The Population 's Health

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    well-balanced diet (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention & National Centre for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion, 1996). Physical activity and diet are related in order for the human body to be able to cope with the stresses of exercise a well balanced diet with the correct nutrients must be consumed (Coyle, 2000). However, exercise alongside a balanced diet is said to improve weight loss (Kirkwood et al., 2007; Shaw et al., 2006), where as the relationship between different types of diet and performance

  • Krispy Kreme Inc.

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    This diet tries to promote weight loss and healthy living by cutting out the carbohydrates (sugars, for the most part) from their foods. Unfortunately for Krispy Kreme, their product offering is mostly doughnuts, all of which are high in carbohydrates, and therefore on the blacklist of many Americans. In fact, as Americans become smarter about their health and their food choices

  • The Zone Diet Essay

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    The Zone Diet High-protein/ low-carbohydrate diets are nothing new to Americans these days; they seem overwhelmingly to be the most popular among those people trying to lose weight. Ph.D. Dr. Barry Sears’ books on his version of the high-protein diet, the Zone Diet, are among the best selling diet books on the market. The diet seems to be yielding quick and noticeable results to those who follow Dr. Sears’ plan. Many people are desperate to lose weight and have tried numerous methods that

  • Carbohydrate Loading to Enhance an Athlete's Performance

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    altering their diet before a long race. This is because diet is particularly important for athletes who must sustain moderate to high energy levels for long periods of time (Walker et al, 2000). In recent years, this is where the idea of carbohydrate loading has come into play. My question deals with the effectiveness of carbohydrate loading on the day before a competition. I want to know if carbohydrate loading loads on the success of the individual’s performance. Carbohydrates are seen as our

  • The Harm in Low Carb Diets

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    Low carb diets are basically anti-carbohydrates diets. Low carb diets make you eat fewer carbs than most doctors would suggest. While the experts recommend that adults get about half of their calories from carbs, low-carb diet limits the eating of carb to10 percent of daily calories consumed. Before going anti-carb, lets know what they are. Carbs are very important nutrients in food. They are the body’s main energy source, supplying energy for everyday activities and making sure everything from