Cardiac arrest

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  • A Study On The Cardiac Rhythm

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    Introduction: The electrocardiogram remains the single most important tool for interpretation of the cardiac rhythm. 1 It can be used to successfully pick up conduction abnormalities, rhythm disturbances, possible myocardial ischemia, and a slew of other abnormalities that can be linked to various cardiac or metabolic diseases. 1,2 ECGs can also be used as a preventive tool to screen for abnormalities early in the disease process. 3,4 In 1982, Italy passed a law that all individuals who want to compete

  • PICOT Summaction

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    are suffering from cardiac arrests and neurologic outcomes have a high chance of needing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Efficient use of both hands-only CPR versus breathing and hand use CPR may improve their survival chances and boost their neurologic outcomes when they undergo any form of an attack. The hands-only CPR versus breathing and hand use CPR training programs assist nurses, and the public on the treatment criteria to efficiently handle patients with cardiac arrests emergencies, resulting

  • The Importance Of Education In High School

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    During high school, too many irrelevant things are being taught, like memorizing the periodic table, learning how to climb a rope, and how to write poetry. Things like simple math, learning to read, and write are important, as are learning life skills such as financials, Heimliche, CPR, learning other languages and about nutrition and exercise for your own health. High school curriculum is often taking up time that could be spent learning life skills that should be taught. Certain things should be

  • The Effects Of Workout Supplements On Young Adults

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    The interest of building a stronger and better performing body has been the ideal goal for many athletes. Whether an individual is a professional athlete or a self- proclaimed athlete the importance of workout supplements is on the rise. Workout supplements come in various forms and have evolved from just steroid use. They have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the popularity and the attention that has been brought to them. With the growth of social media came the growth

  • Do-Not-Resuscitate: Legal and Ethical Issues Essay

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    Do-Not-Resuscitate: Legal and Ethical Issues Most cultures value life and bringing persons back from the dead is a popular subject of many fictional books. However, as technology evolves and the story of Frankenstein reborn with a bolt of lighting has come true with the external or implanted defibrillators, the natural process of death slows as much of society gains the knowledge to live longer than nature intended. The Red Cross Association taught many organizations like the girl and boy scouts

  • Cpr Essay

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    According to Devi (2017), The American Heart Association (AHA) states that in the absence of CPR, a victim’s chance of survival drops 7 to 10% for every minute that lapses between collapse and medical intervention. Every year there are 294,851 cardiac

  • Reflection Paper On Nursing Patient

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    in a cardiac chairs but she is a full lift by staff. Ms. Perez weighed 312 lbs. Respiratory therapy reported that they will try to wean her trachea size down and work towards capping and then removing at some point. Mr. Perez asked what pain medication she was on because all she does is sleep. I asked the case manager to check and she what her level of alertness is on the second and third shifts. Per the EMS and ER report Ms. Perez was thought to have had a seizure and a full cardiac arrest at the

  • Nnei

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    educational experience from your past where you addressed a fear and overcame it and how you succeeded in this process. My educational fear in the past was during my first week off ICU orientation, I was assigned an admission from the ER of a post cardiac arrest middle aged patient who was placed on a therapeutic hypothermia. I verbalized to the Charge Nurse of being hesitant to accept the admission since I’m fresh off orientation. She told me “this would be a good experience for you”. I want to keep

  • Does Consciousness Exist Outside The Brain?

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    So does consciousness exist outside the brain? Consciousness is defined as the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Basically being aware enough to understand everything going on around you. Some would argue that consciousness is restricted to the brain and body only. If that were true then the brain would be able to operate outside the body but in reality cannot. Consciousness however, is utilized beyond the brain without any accusations

  • Dnrs: A Therapeutic Analysis

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    Introduction A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is a document written by a physician that expresses the patient’s, or their surrogate decision-maker’s, wishes on what should occur if the patient experiences cardio and/or respiratory arrest (Braddock and Clark, 2014). While often confused with advanced directives, a DNR is traditionally only in effect if and when a patient requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In practice, most hospitals and professional medical organizations have policies