Cardiac arrest

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  • Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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    When paramedics arrived they stated that 3 month old Julian was in cardiac arrest and not breathing. Under all the circumstances they had to continue to perform CPR and was giving oxygen before being rushed to the Royal Bournemouth hospital. Julian was diagnosed with severe head injuries, as well as some fractured collarbone

  • The Cardiac Effects Of Intractable Seizures

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    The Cardiac Effects of Intractable Seizures in Children Short running title: Heart and intractable seizures 1-Hatem H. El Shorbagy: (MD), Department of Pediatric-Faculty of Medicine- Menofia University-Egypt. 2- Naglaa M. Kamal: (MD), Department of Pediatric - Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University, Egypt. 3- Mostafa A.Salama: (MD), Department of Pediatric - Faculty of Medicine- Benha University- Faculty of Medicine- Egypt. 4- Ahmed A.Azab: (MD), Department of Pediatric- Faculty of Medicine-

  • The Delivery Of Patient Centered Healthcare

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    End of life decision making and care are critical aspects of the delivery of patient centered healthcare. Advances in scientific knowledge and medical technology can now prolong the dying process indefinitely. Many Americans fear the possibility of dying a painful, protracted, or undignified death, in an institutional setting, absent personal control or meaning (Schwarz, 2004). With the modernizations of medical technology today, individuals are now given the option to choose how, when and where

  • How Dnr Causes an Ethical Dilemma Essay

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    Running Head: HOW DNR CAUSES AN ETHICAL DILEMMA How DNR Causes an Ethical Dilemma Deann Morgan HCA 322, Health Care Ethics and Medical Law Dr. David Cole January 22, 2010 Abstract This paper will present an argument of how the process of do not resuscitate (DNR) results in an ethical dilemma for workers in the healthcare field. In presenting the argument, this

  • Raising Public Awareness Of The Rapid Response Team

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    patients at an earlier stage of clinical deterioration. This is because their goal is to prevent critical adverse events such as cardiac arrests and unexpected deaths. Consequently, rapid response teams assess patients in whom cardiac, respiratory, or neurologic deterioration develops as opposed to patients who have already experienced a respiratory or cardiac arrest (Jones, DeVita, & Bellomo, 2011). A failure to react promptly or appropriately escalate care in patients with sudden, critical abnormalities

  • Chapter 69: Nursing Management: Emergency, Terrorism, and Disaster Nursing

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    before the person is pronounced dead. The cause of death is usually refractory ventricular fibrillation. Treatment of hypothermia focuses on managing and maintaining ABCs, rewarming the patient, correcting dehydration and acidosis, and treating cardiac dysrhythmias. * * SUBMERSION INJURIES Submersion injury results when a person becomes hypoxic because of submersion in a substance, usually water. Drowning is death from suffocation after submersion in water or other fluid. Near-drowning

  • Pros And Cons Of Energy Drinks

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    of caffeine daily may react poorly to drinking an energy drink. It also states that not only are energy drinks known to increase stress, heart rate, and blood pressure, but it has been shown to thicken the blood. In some cases, people go into cardiac arrest but have no further explanation other than high percentages of caffeine and taurine. Not only does Howard explain how energy drinks affect our body, she goes into how they affect our brain. Caffeine doses of 200 milligrams or more can be linked

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Saves Lives!

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    person is unable to respond by shouting, shaking, or pinching on top of their shoulders. If they are unresponsive immediately call or have a bystander call 911, locate, and retrieve the AED machine. This machine must be used within minutes of cardiac arrest onset to be effective; therefore, time is of the essence! Try to ascertain how long the victim has been unconscious. Determine whether they are breathing, and if they have a pulse. If the victim is breathing they will have a pulse; if they are

  • Essay On Cpr

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    these steps and signs of life like breathing or until an AED is available or a trained responder or EMS to take over. Even though CPR should be down by a trained professional, learning how to do CPR could be matter of life or death to a child in cardiac arrest. Basic CPR involves chest compressions, airway opening and

  • My Tragic Moment

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    after we ate. As I walk out of the restrooms I see everyone in a circle looking concerned and a man screaming, “Somebody call 911!” I ran off to my boyfriend and asked what was wrong since I could not see the guy. The man on the floor was on cardiac arrest, meaning he had lost heart function. I decided to help because I knew how to do CPR and I was certified. First of all, I tapped on the man’s shoulder and waited for a