Cardiff City Stadium

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  • Cardiff City Stadium And Wales

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    Introduction Cardiff city stadium is a football stadium in area called leckwith in Wales, Cardiff also it belongs for the football team and Wales national football team. Cardiff city stadium is the second biggest stadium in Wales and that’s after they added the Ninian stand. Malaysian billionaire owns the stadium and recently the owner invested so money on the stadium to extend it because when Cardiff city football club moved up to the premier league the number of people was increasing and when

  • Sports Franchise Simulation : First Half Reflections

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    Sport Franchise Simulation – First Half Reflections Introduction For four seasons now, Swansea City has enjoyed a foray into professional sports leagues as part of a sports franchise simulation. Competing in division three of the National Sports League, Swansea has been challenged to develop a business strategy that optimises profits despite their unique, franchise-specific limitations in revenue earning capability. Franchise management has been astonished to learn the extent to which these revenue

  • London 1908, Machinery Hall Essay

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    missing image London 1908, Machinery Hall This image represents the entrance to Machinery Hall of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition in London. The original is one in a series of 3.5 x 5.5-inch postcards, printed by Valentine & Sons Ltd. The Machinery Hall covered 125,000 square yards. In this image it looks very elaborate, garish, and reminiscent of Gothic architecture. The flags seen on the top of the building are French and British. There are decorations looking like lanterns around the

  • Essay on London 1908 - The Court of Honor

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    Franco-British Exhibition concurrently with that year's Olympiad, held in a stadium nearby. Kiralfy saw the fair as an opportunity to gain cultural respectability; however, since he was not a trained architect, he received much criticism on his designs. He designed the Court of Honor as well as the steel frames for all of the major buildings, then consulted the architects who devised the plaster facades to create the "White City." Many critics felt that he limited the creativity of the architects by

  • Football : The Causes Of A Football Fire In Football

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    could possibly have happened. Valley Parade stadium in Bradford City, West Yorkshire, England goes down as the worst fire disaster in football (soccer) history. On May 11, 1985, what started out as a wonderful celebration ended in 56 deaths and 265 injuries. So many people died that day and it should not have happened. There were so many warning signs that were ignored by the owners which resulted in 56 deaths ranging in ages from 11 to 86. The stadium design, and the materials used as well as the

  • Cardiff Research Paper

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    Cardiff city is a County Borough and the capital of Wales. The history of Cardiff spans over 6000 years. The surrounding area was first inhabited in the Neolithic period. In fact, there are four Neolithic burial chambers are within a radius of 10 miles of the Cardiff city center. Until the Roman conquest of Britain, Cardiff was in the territory of an Iron Age Celtic British tribe. known as the Silures. Around 57 AD, during the reign of Emperor Nero, the Romans built a fort by the River Taff. This

  • The Oliver Family: A Career In Professional Sports

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    Clive, at the age of 14.[4] He quickly progressed through the ranks and was promoted to the National List of Referees in 2007 and refereed the 2007 Conference National play-off final, becoming the youngest football referee to officiate at Wembley Stadium. In addition he had already been the youngest-ever Football League assistant referee, youngest-ever Football League referee, and would also become the youngest ever fourth official in the Premier League. The Oliver family enjoyed a unique refereeing

  • A Rich Club : Florentino Perez 's Management

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    restructured the organisations economy, making it the richest club in the world, and made changes at the top of the club. He completely renovated the Santiago Bernabéu, and created a new sports complex in Valdebebas and opened the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium (Now used for Real Madrid Castilla matches and Real Madrid training ground). Ramón Calderón was elected as club president on 2 July 2006 and quickly signed Fabio Capello as the new coach and Mijatović as the new sporting director. Real won the La

  • English Football and Its Economy

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    media attention, so did the fights and disorder. In the 60’s hooligans were more organized than it is today. We do not see outrageous incident frequently nowadays. European Cup final in 1985, when Liverpool against Italian side Juventus at Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, 39 fans mostly Italian were killed. English clubs were banned from participating in European Cup for five years, and Liverpool were initially banned for 10 years but later reduced to six years.

  • Understanding The Consumers ' Buying Behavior

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    have to take these changes into account in order to serve the consumers with the right product. Therefore adaptions had to be made to meet the needs of the new growing audience coming from the middle and upper class. To attract middleclass families, stadiums had