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  • Reflection: Health Care Assistant

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    REFLECTIVE PRACTICE Reflective assignment 2 Introduction The purpose of this essay is to reflect on my personal role in the inter-professional team and the delivery of healthcare that I have encountered during my duty as a health care assistant in one of the hospitals here in England. In accordance with the NMC (2002) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained and all names have been changed to protect identity. The purpose of reflection as stated by John's (1995) is

  • My Role As A Home Care Assistant

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    Gillingham but it has many branches all over UK. It employs over 6,000 workers due to the demand it provides quality care and support to venerable adults and young adults with dementia, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities, children with disabilities, sitting services, shopping trips, personal care, carer respite services and pension/benefit collections. It also train care workers and carers in a variety of roles and working environments. Many of the clients are made of other races, so

  • Job Description : Care Assistant Essay

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    JOB TITLE: CARE ASSISTANT JOB DESCRIPTION Provides personal care and activities of daily living for clients/patients/residents to encourage desired level of functioning and operating. Supports clients/patients/residents in meeting their somatic, emotive and psychological needs. Provide care to patients by minding, progressing, observing, and assessing care and facilities. And even they have to work

  • The Activity Profile Of Health Care Assistants And Nurses

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    Assignment Name: Janet Medina Date: 5/6/16 Student ID: 0028679152 Email: 1. Selected Article in APA Vliegher, K. D., Aertgeerts, B., Declercq, A., & Moons, P. (2015). Exploring the activity profile of health care assistants and nurses in home nursing. British Journal of Community Nursing, 20(12), 608-614. doi:10.12968/bjcn.2015.20.12.608 2. Credentials without column 4 First Author’s Credentials Meaning of all of the first author’s credentials AACN Criteria as

  • Reflective Essay: My Role As A Care Assistant

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    In my role as a care assistant, I care for elderly people who have a wide spectrum of physical conditions and dementia. I am responsible for delivering person centred care and I always treat people with dignity and respect. I have gained experience in the importance of meeting hydration and nutrition needs, personal care and communicating with people who may have communication, comprehension and sensory deficits. I have gained basic knowledge on the causes and treatments of disease by speaking to

  • Sherman Assistant Day Care Case Study

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    I am an assistant day care teacher and due to that it is important I know the demographics behind the city of Sherman Oaks, located in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. The follow information is pertaining to these zip codes: 91401, 91403, 91411, and 91423. It has a total population of 118,592. The male population is 58,261, while the female population is 60,330. The median age is 36.52. 10% of the residents are 9 years or under, 7% are 10-17, 5% are 18-24, 30% are 25-39, 36% are

  • Virtual Assistant Advantages And Disadvantages

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    over one computer. I get an inquisitive look and asked what I do. I answered: "I am a VA" – Virtual Assistant! :) The next question would be - "what is a VA"? So I thought of creating this post for friends or anyone curious what is Virtual Assistant to enlighten them. According to Wikipedia: A virtual assistant is abbreviated to VA also called a virtual office assistant. Virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees. They work for other small business and can also support

  • Essay about Countryside Environmental

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    Countryside Environmental Services Joseph Menna KEY FACTORS • CES, a waste management company, employs Vincent Woodman as consultant and manager to assist in getting a landfill site approved • Conflict arises between Vincent and Gwen, the Office Manager - Gwen also has a power hold on the owner, John Hopkins • Possibility of more than a working relationship between John and Gwen • Gwen is causing tension and problems in the workplace with everyone, due to her perceived

  • I Work Night Shift At A Hospital As A Patient Care Assistant.

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    I work night shift at a hospital as a patient care assistant. My role is basically to provide basic care to patients and relieve the registered nurse of this burden so she can focus on medicating and assessing the heart of the patient’s troubles. I have only been honored to work in this profession for a mere five months now, but in that time, I have cheered on many recoveries and held many hands as the patient went to his final home. It is a very exhausting job, that sometimes does not feel very

  • Synopsis : Tricia Monet A Young Professional With A Bachelor's Degree

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    professional with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After college, Tricia worked in an accounting firm, but she determined that she enjoyed interacting with people more than numbers. When she moved to Sioux City, Tricia applied and interviewed for an assistant director position at Personal Reflections in the local mall. Despite having no supervisory or managerial experience, Personal Reflections quickly offered the job to Tricia, and she accepted the offer a few days later. During the two-week training