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  • Care Plan

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    previous ones. The main reason for this was the fact that I was the required to actively take part in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a patients care within the service. Doing this came with responsibility that I had not had in previous placements. My preceptor had explained to me the process involved in care planning for a patient on the unit, the doctor will do the majority of the assessment, the nurse carries out the risk assessment and completes Roper Logan and Tierney

  • Evaluation Of A Care Plan

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    When Jim first attends hospital a care plan will be put into place to ensure quality patient care. When structuring the care plan Jim 's history, medication and allergies will be recorded followed by his daily routines and his personal needs. In order to produce the care plan a risk assessment will need to be carried out. A plan of the action will then be enforced, this plan will then be implemented and evaluated at the end to see whether Jim has taken to the treatment or whether he has deteriorated

  • Nursing Care Plan

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    Nursing Diagnosis # 1 Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased oxygen saturation, poor tissue perfusion, obesity, decreased air entry to bases of both lungs, gout and arthritic pain, decreased cardiac output, disease process of COPD, and stress as evidenced by shortness of breath, BMI > 30 abnormal breathing patterns (rapid, shallow breathing), abnormal skin colour (slightly purplish), excessive diaphoresis, nasal flaring and use of accessory muscles, statement of joint pain, oxygen

  • Care Plan on Stroke

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    he may currently be on, whether he has dentures as well as his weight and BMI. During this phase, communication with the patient and family is essential to ensure that correct information is obtained so that a proper informed decision concerning his care can be made. In this case there may be some barriers that may effect the assessment process and that is the speech of Mr. smith is sometimes slurred, therefore he may need his wife to answer some of the more complex questions that require more than

  • Essay on Nursing Care Plan

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    identifies an actual or potential response of a patient to a health problem (Jones 2009). Nursing diagnoses are important because they provide the foundation for the selection of nursing interventions (Walton 2008). This care plan is the concluding half to the initial care plan that identified nursing diagnoses and goals with the aim of promoting the holistic wellbeing, mental health, and independence of a 68 year old Mr. Bertoli who has returned home from hospital after experiencing a stroke. Particular

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    individualise patient care. In the 1970s this became more structured when the nursing process was introduced by the general nursing council (GNC), (Lloyd, Hancock & Campbell, 2007) .By doing this their intentions were to try and understand the patient in order to give them the best care possible (Cronin & Anderson, 2003). Through the nursing process philosophy care plans were written for patients. It was understood that this relationship would ensure the patient received the best care possible to suit

  • Development of Patient Care Plan Essay

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    to the care that is delivered to a patient and examine the significance of the use of models and frameworks in the nursing process. It is intended to identify a patient with biopsychosocial needs that requires nursing intervention. Their holistic plan of care will then be critiqued in relation to the nursing model and framework utilised by the nursing staff. Knowledge will be demonstrated of the importance of utilizing evidence-based practice when creating an individualized plan of care. “The

  • Nursing Care Plan and Specimens Essay

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    Analysis and Action Plan: Adams 5, Inpatient Rehab Unit Savetria Nicole Palmer Walden University NURS 2006 Section 13, Topics in Clinical Nursing September 21, 2014 Quality is a broad term that encompasses various aspects of nursing care (Montolvo, 2007). The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators [NDNQI] is the only national nursing database that provides quarterly and annual reporting of structure, process, and outcome indicators to evaluate nursing care at the unit level (Montolvo

  • Nursing Theory Plan of Care Essay

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    Nursing Theory Plan of Care Theoretical Foundations of Practice NUR/513 March 05, 2012 Nursing Theory Plan of Care Ida Orlando literally wrote the book on the function of nursing. Her theory of the deliberative nursing process outlines a dynamic nurse-patient relationship in which the nurse uses his or her senses of perception together with deliberate actions to create an individualized care plan for each patient. Results of current research on the application of her theory follow

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    References Gulanick, M., Myers, J.L. (2013). Nursing care plans. Diagnose, interventions, outcomes. USA: Mosby. Grading Criteria for Weekly Assignments Assignment Points Possible Points Earned Instructor Comments Health Assessment 50 points Physical assessment 30 30 Admission