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  • Health Care At The Healthcare Setting

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    are in the healthcare setting. In providing clinical safety to patients HCWs are ensuring that the patient will be safe from preventable adverse events occurring to them whilst they are in the hospital setting. Patient safety should be a of high priority to the healthcare setting and HCWs. Nursing staff are the main providers of care to patients whilst in the healthcare setting and have many responsibilities in delivering safe patient care. Whilst in the healthcare setting patients are vulnerable

  • The Care Setting Of An Intensive Care Unit ( Icu )

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    In the acute care setting of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), more than 500,000 patients die nationwide each year in the US (Nowlin, 2004). An increased surge in patient demand for skilled critical care services, caused by an extended life expectancy due to advances in healthcare, has put an enormous strain on critical care. In many cases the availability of technology can make the difference between life and death for a patient. In addition to providing an extra set of eyes to monitor patients, and

  • Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Care Settings

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    ASSIGNMENT 204 Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children 's and young people 's settings Task A Dear friend I have heard that you would like to work as a care worker and need to know more about “duty of care”. I wish to help and want to try clarify the term to you as much as I can. “Duty of care” is a phrase used to describe the obligation in your role as a care worker. You owe duty of care to your patients/service users, your colleagues, your employer, yourself and

  • health and social care in the work setting

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    Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Car or Children and Young Peoples Settings UNIT 5 1.1 Being a support worker means I have a responsibility of duty of care, which I am to adhere to at all times. This responsibility is a legal obligation as part of my job role. If these standards of care are not met I can put the service user/s in jeopardy of harm. The duty of care should be my self acting in the best interest of the individual at all times which should not be detrimental to the

  • Unit 1 Health Care Settings

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    Research the following health care settings: * Residential * Day Care * Nursing * Domiciliary Then discuss the similarities and differences between a nurse in a hospital and a Macmillan nurse. Find out about qualifications, experience, job criteria, work hours etc. Residential Care is when a person leaves their home environment in order to be cared for in a secure and safe place. People who need and use this type of care may not be able to independently care for themselves and keep

  • Emotional Intelligence And The Health Care Setting

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    Emotional Intelligence is essential when it comes to communicating with a patient within a health care setting. Healthcare workers need to be able to exercise empathy and self-awareness when providing quality care to their clients. This essay will discuss the meaning of emotional intelligence, the different branches of it, and their importance in a health care setting. As well as this, the ways in which health care professionals use emotional intelligence, and why it is used, will also be discussed. Emotions

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Acute Care Setting

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    BACKGROUND: Acute care setting is the chosen theme, since it is a familiar unit due to allocated clinical placement twice and found as interesting place to learn new things. Hodges and Keeley (2009) says acute care setting is the challenging unpredictable workplace where nurses are more autonomous, skilled and learned to adapt uncertainty. Patients in acute care setting receive nurses initiated care. Regardless of where nurses work, they provide optimum care and do much more than simply following

  • Health Care Setting Communication And Teamwork

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    In the health care setting communication and teamwork is paramount. They are both essential in providing high quality of care to patients. Health care professionals will have unique roles that ultimately piece together to reach a common goal and that is to provide a safe environment to satisfy their duties as practitioners to achieve a high standard of care and positive outcomes for patients. Interdisciplinary communication and teamwork among distinct medical workers is an integral part of professional

  • Essay Improving Health in the Primary Care Setting

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    Improving Health in the Primary Care Setting "I order to improve health in the primary care setting you need to work collaboratively with others" Throughout the discussion I will analyze the above statement highlighting the professional issues raised, involving the nurse working in the primary care setting. Within this I will distinguish exactly what primary care is and the relation to the importance of collaboration in this particular setting. Leading onto how we/nurses

  • Risk Management Within The Health Care Setting

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    Risk management in the health care setting is multi-focused. In addition to mitigating risks inherent to clinical settings, it also serves to protect visitors and employees safety. Moreover, risk management is vital to protect the organization from losses, earning and retaining accreditation, and reducing the overall risk of doing business in the health care industry. At the heart of risk management is the manager who is responsible for maintaining a risk management plan and continually monitoring