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  • A Brief Note On Older Care And Employment Of Migrant Workers

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    Marketisation of Older Care and Employment of Migrant Workers in Western Countries Researchers focus on the marketization of older care in western countries, including Northern European countries, Italy, Spain, and the UK (Bettio et al., 2006; Shutes and Chiatti, 2012). Meanwhile, there are findings revealing the difficulties of care workers recruitment and retention, as well as potential labour shortage in the care sector and demand for migrant workers (Shutes, 2014). The migrant workers they concerned

  • Health Care Worker Shortage

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    countries do not have enough health care workers. The world needs 4 million new health workers to address global workforce shortages. The urgency to address the health care worker crisis is a challenge for all high-, middle- and low -income countries alike. Health care worker shortages affect Germany and the USA, just like they affect India or Uganda. Western countries ‘import’ workers from developing countries, because they are also short of trained health workers. Aging populations are exacerbating

  • Health Care for Migrant Farm Workers Essay

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    Although agriculture is one of the most hazardous jobs in the United States, there is a huge gap in healthcare for those that work in the industry. Due to the large migrant and seasonal worker population, especially those from Mexico, it is a hard population to reach when it comes to healthcare needs. Fear, language barriers and cultural norms are all barriers that need to be addressed for this special population. “(Holmes 2011) Agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States

  • Reflection on Health Care Workers

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    For health care workers, cultural competency is important for obvious reasons. On a daily basis, healthcare professionals work with patients of a variety of cultures, and many work with team members who come from different cultures than their own. Medical and other healthcare professionals spend many years in school learning how and when to treat patients for giving symptoms, but teaching them to interact with patients currently falls on knowing the things that make up a person’s cultural identity

  • Healthcare Workers Vs. Non Health Care Workers Essay

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    Health care workers vs. non health care workers: According to Makely, working in a health care field requires people skills (personality characteristics that enhance our ability to interact effectively with other people) and technical competence. Health care workers are a part of the nation’s fastest growing industry. Unlike working in grocery or retail stores, health care workers need to be aware of what is going on in the industry (Makely, 2013, p. 3-4). New and very expensive technologies come

  • Social Workers And Health Care Professionals

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    Description of EBI Social workers and health care professionals are conveniently positioned to recognize and intervene in cases regarding financial elder abuse. An evidence-based educational intervention was established to aid practitioners in their decision-making regarding this epidemic. The objective was to test the effectiveness of a decision-training educational intervention on professionals new to the field and their ability to detect elder financial abuse (Harries et al, 2014). There are many

  • Critical Need For Health Care Workers

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    Need for Health Care Workers In the United States, the number of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants is not growing as quickly as needed. By 2025, it has been predicted that the United States will face an increase in shortage of 46,100 to 90,400 physicians. The growth of nurse practitioners and physician assistants was projected to diminish the shortage of physicians, which will require patient and health system acceptance and more available jobs in health care services. The critical

  • The Role Of Nurses And Health Care Workers

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    A study was performed at John Hopkin’s Hospital that investigated an intensive care unit and found over a 12 day period that there were over 350 alarms per patient, making a grand total of over 59,000 alarms (Sendelbach & Funk, 2013). It is no wonder that health care workers can become easily desensitized to the alarm sound, constantly listening to the repetitive alarms for an entire 12 hour shift. In addition to the constant beeps and buzzes from the alarms, many of the sounds are not “true” alarms

  • Understanding the Role of the Social Care Worker Essay

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    Understanding the role of the social care worker 1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship The difference between a working relationship and a personal relationship is that a professional relationship is governed by professional codes of conduct and employer policies and procedures. Fundamentally, it is vitally important to maintain professional boundaries between other staff members and individuals in your care, taking care to maintain a strong sense of

  • Home Care Workers: A Case Study

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    Home health care workers are not being compensated a fair wage. The wages of home healthcare workers have not kept up with inflation. In fact, “One in four home health care workers are living below the national poverty line.” (#1) In the US there are about 2.2 million home healthcare workers. The supporting article also states that “more than 50% of home health care workers receive some type of government assistance.” (#1) This is a problem because low wages and inconsistent hours have a negative