Cargo ship

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  • The Ship Of The Cargo

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    The vessel was traveling outside normal shipping lanes in an attempt to avoid ice. Within six hours of the grounding, the Exxon Valdez spilled approximately 10.9 million gallons of its 53 million gallon cargo of Prudhoe Bay crude oil. The article states that the vessel encounter icebergs in the shipping lanes caused the decision of leaving the shipping lanes. However, it is unknown why the orders of returning to the shipping lanes at a certain point where not followed. However, five probable causes

  • Navy Cargo Ship: The Bermuda Triangle

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    know what happened to the great ship”. Former US President Woodrow Wilson said that while discussing the wreck of the USS Cyclops. The USS Cyclops was a huge Navy Cargo Ship with over 300 people and a lot of valuable resources on board. It sank between Barbados and Chesapeake Bay. The ship never sent out a call for help, even though it was equipped to do so. Many searches have been dispatched and still, there has been no wreckage found. 23 years later, two sister ships of the Cyclops vanished while

  • Amazon Descriptive Essay

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    Warm air blowing on my face, the smell of cool and refreshing, but fishy, water. The breathtaking beauty of the Amazon. On a large cargo ship, though a cruise in the Amazon, we (me and my family) float down the river. The original blue paint is wearing off. It stops at large villages to load and unload, but boats from small villages have to pull up against the moving ship. Pink, freshwater, dolphins live in this large river (the largest river in the world). There are mostly blind and aren't always all

  • Case Study : Preparing The Audit

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    consideration all relevant facts and records regarding the Company or ship, whichever the case may be. Ideally, the plan should incorporate the Company’s/Ship’s management, so as to enhance communication and mitigate discrepancy. To effectively use resources and available information, the plan should be produced fair flexibility to include:  The language of the audit  The place and date of audit  Schedule of meetings to be held with Company/Ship management  Identification of Organisations and Individuals

  • Life Of Pi Character Analysis

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    Pi, Pi Patel, an Indian boy from Pondicherry, who explores many different religions from an early age, is part of a family who owns a zoo. The Patels decide to move their zoo from Pondicherry to Canada on a cargo ship. Unfortunately the ship sinks, and Pi is the only human to survive. “The ship sank. It made a sound like a monstrous metallic burp.Things bubbled at the surface and then vanished (page 97).” Along with him on the life boat though, there was a group of zoo animals that also managed to

  • The Case Of Calculation And Distribution Of Awards And Special Compensation

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    wherein the concept of future danger was taken into account by the court to determine the existence of danger or peril both present and future. In the instant case, the cargo owners contended that ship was in perfect safety condition when it reached Aden to United Kingdom. The court held that irrespective of the fact that ship and cargo were in physical safety but the services rendered still amounted to salvage services. The reason given by the court was

  • The Most Notorious Pirate Of The Restoration

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    Blackbeard: The Most Notorious Pirate of the Restoration When people think of the golden age of piracy many things come to mind. From buried treasure, sword fighting, stealing loot and drinking rum, the golden age of piracy is one of the most exciting elements of the restoration period. Along with those elements there were many famous pirates that highlighted the restoration. Although there were many famous pirates of the restoration period one name usually comes to mind, Blackbeard. His iconic

  • Tramps Ship Essay

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    Classification of ship 1.1 Tramps Tramps ship provides the service that only operate wherever the market dictates. Tramps ship does not have a fixed schedule, published port of call and irregular shipping, mainly over nonstandard routes, with no definite schedule. Tramps ship involve trading all part of the world for searching cargo to transfer. Tramps ship usually carried the bulk cargo and break-bulk cargo that do not require fast delivery. It’s speed is very slow and can transport a variety of cargo. The

  • Classification of Dangerous Goods in the Shipping Industry

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    al Dangerous cargo that was established and enforced by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). There is also a list of dangerous goods and their classification that are mentioned by the UN (United Nation). Also giving the different classification of dangerous goods as

  • Case Study: Roppa Company

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    of shipper which is notice Jerry Ltd. about to ship dangerous goods (a chemical that contained radioactive substances). Under common law, there is a general responsibilities implied into bills of lading for a charter not to transport dangerous goods without any notice or declaration. Where goods are dispatched without notice of the dangerous goods or substance, the shipper will be obligate for any damage of the vessel, other cargo on board or other ship. The shipper has the duties to notice carrier