Caribbean culture

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  • The Culture Of The Caribbean

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    The Caribbean is a widely known tourist attraction, and in the center of the Caribbean is a small island named Haiti. Home to about ten million people, this island country serves as a exports a variety of goods from cocoa to clothing around the world but mainly to the United States. But behind their massive amounts of exports there is plenty of history behind how the country was formed and important events that led to its independence and creation of the Government. Haiti was unexpectedly found by

  • Native Cultures And Cultures Of The Caribbean

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    Anthropology Department/ UMass-Boston ANTH 274-Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean Research Paper Due Date: December 14, 2014 Jean L. Rene [ and] Write an essay to discuss particular processes of class and racial stratifications in one former Caribbean colony and ways in which its corresponding colonial past still informs its evolution. Race and class stratification exist in the Caribbean from the colonial era. Historically, its influence the formulation

  • Voodoo Culture In The Caribbean

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    religions like Christianity and Hinduism. The way of life for the indigenous people of Africa was to keep a constant contact with the spirits in nature. This religion originates from Africa and eventually moved into the Caribbean by traveling slaves. Eventually, this powerful, culture spread to Europe, and the Americas. Many practice this sacred religion every day to protect their families, financially support their families, and for guidance. Voodoo devotees acknowledge their deceased ancestors and

  • Brazil And Caribbean Culture Essay

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    Within Brazil and the Caribbean lies a racial mixture of cultures. Since the 1930's the people have, overall, enthusiastically adopted the notion that racial and cultural mixture defines this regions national identity (Samba 1). This region consists of a very historic background which has shaped the beliefs and customs of celebration, music and dance. Sugar cane was brought to the "new world"

  • Caribbean Crucible: History, Culture, and Globalization

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    Caribbean Crucible: History, Culture, and Globalization Kevin A. Yelvington In the present age of globalization, it is often forgotten that these world-encompassing processes were initiated with European expansion into the Caribbean beginning more than five hundred years ago. We now see the proliferation of overseas factories enabling owners, producers, and consumers of products to be in widely distant locales. It seems to us that in the search for profits, commercial activity has recently spread

  • Caribbean Popular Culture : Music, Fashion, And Dance

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    Isiah Lauti Caribbean Culture and Identities Dr. Anne M. Galvin December 5, 2017 Caribbean Popular Culture: Music, Fashion, and Dance Music, Dance, and Fashion are three major factors that play a vast role in the Caribbean popular culture. Popular culture in theory, is based on the taste of ordinary people rather than and educated elite. Popular culture has such a broad range of cultural backgrounds that has influenced both the younger and older generations. The purpose of this study is not only

  • Gender Roles In The Caribbean Culture

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    research has been conducted on gender roles in Western culture. Some of the components researchers looked for were, what gender roles are, how they affect society and the individual along with the culture and history behind where it began (Cobb, R. A., Walsh, C. E., & Priest, J. B. (2009). While researching gender roles and different cultures I could not help but notice there were little to no research on gender roles within the Caribbean culture. This gap of literature helped me pose the question why

  • Race and Caribbean Culture

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    Race and Caribbean Culture Each culture is unique in its attitudes about which groups within the cultural community will comprise the majority and which the minority. The culture also determines how the minority culture will be treated and how the two groups will be classified. Often, differentiation of groups is determined by race, rather than things like religion or class. Throughout literary history, authors have endeavored to capture the past as well as recreate and articulate sociological

  • The Culture Of The Caribbean Culture And The Haitian Revolution

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    Caribbean Culture and the Haitian Revolution The history and origins of Caribbean society and culture are hugely important in understanding how the Caribbean is what it is today. The struggles that colored people faced and their revolts to end slavery should not go unnoticed. The readings by Knight, Ulysse, and Brereton, as well as the film Egalite for All, touch on most aspects of Caribbean culture, including the Haitian revolution. The film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

  • Symbols Of The Caribbean Culture

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    There are multiple cultures around the world that influence a country's way of living. A culture is the way in which certain groups behave, think, and what tangible objects they bring value to. The Colombian culture is profoundly influenced by the Spanish culture, but has many distinct factors that allow it to properly function. The first component of culture is symbols. Symbols are anything with significance and value shared by the people in a culture. A symbol most countries value is their national