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  • The Effect Of Carica Papaya Seed Extract On The Cell Wall Of A. Flavus Under Transmission

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    Effect of Carica papaya seed extract on the cell wall of A. flavus under transmission electron microscope: In this experiment, transmission electron microscope was applied to detect the effect of papaya seed extract in the conidia cell wall and mycelia of A. flavus at concentration 100 & 200 mg/ml compared with control (without papaw seed extract). A small portion of the fungal mat was fixed at room temperature in 2% (v/v) glutaraldehyde mixed with potassium in 2% (w/v) osmium tetraoxide buffered

  • Symbolism In Thanhha Li's Inside Out And Back Again

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    and their friends. The Papaya Tree that Ha From a seed is very important and symbolizes our happiness. On page 233-334 But Not Bad, it states “Not the same but not bad not bad at all. In the sentence Heist talking about the papaya but it can also mean hello there new life is not bad but not the same as the road life. On page 21 Two More Papayas It sites “two green thumbs that will grow into orange-yellow delights smelling of Summer”.From this I can infer that Ha’s papaya tree Remind her all things

  • Comparative Study Of Using 17 Β -methyltestosterone And Some Medicine Plants As Reproductive Controller Agents Of Oreochromis Niloticus

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    Mehrim, Fathy F. Khalil, Fayek H. Farrag and Mohamed M. Refaey Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Al-Mansoura, Egypt ABSTRACT This study aimed to compare of using 17α-methyltestosterone (17α-MT), pawpaw (Carica papaya) seeds powder (PSP), and neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves powder (NLP) as reproductive controller agents for Oreochromis niloticus. This experiment was divided into three consecutive periods; the first period was the treating period with dietary

  • Refugee Challenges

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    There are many challenges that refugees face fleeing home, finding home, and moving to a new country altogether. Some refugees have been abused in their own country, and some have been persecuted. Others have lost their country because of war. Refugees have no choice but to flee and find home and this turns them inside out and back again. In Inside out and back and again Ha experienced many of the challenges that refugees face. Some of the challenges that she faced were adapting to a new life in

  • Dengue Is A Viral Disease

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    number of deaths. There is no antiviral chemotherapy or vaccine for dengue virus and management of the disease is done on supportive measures, so various treatments are being investigated. Studies have indicated that the juice of the leaves of the Carica papaya plant from the family Caricaceae could help to increase the platelet levels in these patients. This review explains some of the published studies on this topic. Although many of the studies and case reports published in literature lack adequate

  • Papaya- Perennial Fruits

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    Papaya are perennial fruits from the Caricaceae family which are used as food, cooking aid and traditional medicine. Papaya’s Latin name is Carica Papaya. Papaya is melon-like, oval to nearly round and elongated club-shaped. Papaya’s flesh is succulent and color ranging from yellow to red to orange. Papaya is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical zones. The optimal growth condition for papaya are well-drained, well aerated and rich organic matter soil (pH 5.5 – 6.7), atmospheric temperature at

  • Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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    infects plant cells and carry altered DNA into cell’s nuclei. The cells multiply, forming a tumor, or callus, which can grow into a mature plant” (Cunningham 2015). Three examples of GMOs are Roundup Ready soybeans, Bt corn, and Virus resistant papaya. Roundup Ready soybean is GMO that is used very often in the United States (Snow et al., 2005). The soybean has transgenic resistance to glyphosate know as Roundup and it allows for a farmers to replace multiple herbicide treatments spread out over

  • Plant Proteases Advantages

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    Proteases are the most important type of enzymes because they represent ca. 60% of all commercialized enzymes in the world and occupy the most relevant position among industrial enzymes. Plant proteases have various applications such as in detergent manufacturing, in medicine, and food science for many years (Siota and Villa, 2010). The most frequently employed plant proteases are papain, bromelain and ficin, although new proteases with new and more appealing physicochemical properties for industry

  • Effects Of Pre Harvest Factors On The Final Quality Of A Product

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    a product including papaya. Post-harvest product qualities develop during growing of the product and are maintained and not improved by post-harvest technologies (Hewett, 2006). Depending on the cultivar, maturity, climate, soil type and fertility, the nutritional composition of a fruit at harvest can vary widely. For example Banana and papayas increase in carotenoid content with maturation and ripeness, but the ascorbic acid content decrease in bananas and increase in papayas during ripening (Lee

  • Scarcity, Accessibility, Utilization And Stability Factors Affecting The Intake Of Fruits From Trees Essay

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    Chapter 5 The availability, accessibility, utilization and stability factors affecting the intake of fruits from trees in forest areas in Cameroon Introduction and problem In sub-Saharan Africa, just under one in every four people, or 23.2 percent of the population, is estimated to be undernourished in 2014–16 (FAO et al., 2015). This is the highest prevalence of undernourishment for any region in the World and, with about 220 million hungry people in 2014–16, the second highest burden in absolute