Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

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    understand today’s world. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is a sizable piece of our historical puzzle, and his story is one that deserves recognition. Born on June 4, 1867, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was born into a wealthy family. He was son to a Swedish nobleman who was highly regarded in his society. Carl Gustaf spoke better in Swedish and Russian tongue than he could in Finnish, but this would prove obsolete in his ability to accel in Finland later in life.1 Mannerheim started his military education

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    The Moose

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    Journal Entry # 7: The Swede by Alden R. Carter The teenage immigrant in the short story “The Swede” is named Per-Erik Gustafs. He is originally from Sweden and recently immigrated to Wisconsin, United States. Per-Erik immigrated to the U.S. in a very uncomplicated and calm manner. They transported to the States in a very safe and tranquil way. The Per-Erik came to the States because his father’s company Storson International moved him to Wisconsin. Their Swedish company came to Wisconsin to take

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