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  • The Cost of Prohibiting an Individual from Pursuing Their Own Good Life?

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    Every individual has the right to their own good life, how they go about find and/or making it is up to them. However, there are certain individuals who feel the need to dictate the path that others choose to take. Like all actions, there are equal and opposite reactions, in this case, a consequence. As seen in Sophocles’ Antigone and Harold Brighthouse’s Hobson’s Choice, the consequence that Kreon and Henry face for prohibiting individuals’ pursuit of the good life is isolation from loved ones.

  • Love in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

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    The eleventh chapter, “The Little White Donkey,” is Chua’s main point on the benefit of coercion tactics and persevering to accomplish what Amy was confident her daughter Lulu was capable of. In this case, Amy manifests confidence in a method atypical for Westerners: she believes Lulu proficient enough to master the piece and uses tactics of excoriation and threats on Lulu to motivate her to accept the premise and

  • Analysis Of Amy Tan 's ' The Joy Luck Club ' Essay

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    tedious thoughts of why her mother never seemed content with her. “Auntie Lin and my mother were both best friends and arch enemies who spent a lifetime comparing their children” (37). From infantry, June was constantly compared to Auntie Lin’s daughter, Waverly, up until they were in college when June fell short of surpassing the exemplary achievements of Waverly. Her indecisive ways resulted in two incomplete degrees in art and biology and her mother’s explanations of her brilliance to prove

  • Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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    is broken and blurred by one character. The other two keep their firm ground in living out their values, rather than using it simply as a conversation starter. An African American single mother raises two daughters that have different meanings of life and heritage. Maggie is the youngest daughter, the girl who is shy who is not attractive and is pleased with her culture and life. Then there is Dee the girl who is attractive, sophisticated and knows what she wants in life and wants to be something

  • Day and Night through a Mother's Eyes Essay

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    In Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" the reader is introduced to three main characters, a mother and her two daughters. The first daughter, Maggie, still lives at home with her mother and is her companion. Dee, however, moves on with life and goes out to make something of herself in the world. The story is an account of one of Dee's visits, but the narrator, the mother, makes a very obvious comparison between Dee and Maggie's looks, intelligence, behaviorism, and values. The reader has a lesson to

  • Gloucester and Lear's Realizations of the Importances in Life

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    Gloucester is convinced by his illegitimate son Edmund that his legitimate son Edgar cannot be trusted, resulting in the banishment of Edgar. King Lear believes the false protestations of love his two elder daughters, Goneril and Regan sell to him; meanwhile, his youngest daughter Cordelia is the only daughter

  • Gender Double Standards For Children

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    boys are nine percent more probable to being overweight than girls (Gonchar). There are countless kinds of gender double standards in society, including the standards parents hold their children to. It is no secret that parents dream for their daughters to be attractive and their sons to be athletic. How else do these standards become apparent in a child’s upbringing? In an investigative paper, The Gender Double Standards in Parenting Attitudes, Meeso Caponi Ro, William G. Axinn, and Linda Young-DeMarco

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns : Life That Builds One From Inside Out

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    home. These characteristics give definition to what family can mean to an individual or as a whole. An example of the “family importance” theme given by the novel, are our two main protagonist, Mariam and Laila. The two share a nonbiological mother-daughter relationship and also share similar adversities that they’ve faced with concerning with their parents. In comparison, Mariam and Laila share evident similarities that pertain to the tribulations of their father and mother. On one half of the story

  • Short Story : ' The Tinker '

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    all around and knew all kinds of people and things. The Tinker was telling Jack, while he was fixing a broken wheel on the wagon, about this farmer two counties over who had three of the prettiest daughters you ever did see. The oldest was just as pretty as sunshine in the morning, and the middle daughter was a lovely as dew on a new red

  • Character Analysis Of Thirteen, By Tracy Freeland's 'Thirteen'

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    Thirteen is a portrayal of a teenage girl growing up in an impoverished home, with no true parental figures, searching for acceptance and love. While the world around her seems steady, Tracy Freeland feels alienated from this stability. Raised by her alcoholic mother and her mother's drug addicted boyfriend, Tracy feels lost and angry. For a time, Tracy finds solace in school, excelling academically and habitually hiding behind naive innocence and a modest form of dress. However, the dawning of puberty