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  • The Book Thief Movie

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    The film opens with a train traveling through the European countryside. It is 1938. Liesel Meminger sits on the train with her mother and younger brother, only to look over and find that her brother dies in her mothers arms. As they bury her brother, the gravedigger drops a book and Liesel picks it up and takes it with her. It is the only left that she has to remember her brother. She is then taken to her new foster parents, Rosa and Hans Hubermann. Upon her arrival, she meets Rudy Steiner who will

  • Analysis Of Sweat, Fire And Ethics, By Bob Jeffcott

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    Time and time again, there have been opposing views on just about every single possible topic one could fathom. From the most politically controversial topics of gun control and stem cell research to the more mundane transparent ones of brown or white rice and hat or no hat—it continues. Sweatshops and the controversy surrounding them is one that is unable to be put into simplistic terms, for sweatshops themselves are complex. The grand debate of opposing views in regards to sweatshops continues

  • What Is Essay?

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    The speeding cars rushed past each other leaving my hair feeling like a feather. Soaring high, and slowly coming back down. “Wait for your mom okay?” I could hear the words coming out of my bus driver’s mouth but like music they passed right through my ears, only leaving behind a feeling. A feeling that turned into a need, a need to run. I could feel the adrenaline shooting down my spine as I bolted. Bolted right through the street feeling nothing but glorious. That day, I got hit by a car. A piece

  • Seedfolks Character Analysis

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    In the book Seedfolks, a character named Kim enters a vacant lot in her town, Cleveland, Ohio, to plant Lima Beans to honor her father, who passed away before Kim was even born. While Kim is in the process of planting her beans and watering them daily, people around the vacant lot being to notice her actions . Many people followed what Kim was doing and made their own little garden, which causes the community of Cleveland to be together and to communicate with one another. Throughout the book many

  • Symbolism In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Birth-Mark'

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    Nathaniel Hawthorne's, "The Birth-Mark," follows the story of a brilliant scientist and philosopher named Alymer. Alymer has just married the beautiful Georgiana, but even in their newly-wedded bliss, Alymer finds himself fighting the urge to ask his wife if she has ever thought removing the birthmark on her cheek. Once he cannot stand it any longer, he asks her the question. She playfully tells him no, she has never considered it, and that people often regard it as part of her charm. But Georgiana

  • Personal Aspects Of Life Experiences

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    Have you ever had any experiences that you don’t realize are life lessons until you’re left to learn from them? They’re the kind of life experiences you wish were just bad dreams because they stress you out to the point you hate yourself for what you’ve done or put yourself through. Sometimes God presents us with difficult situations to test us and our reactions. These are also the experiences that inspire you to be a better person, and teach you that you can get through the rough patches in life

  • Lawlessness And Savagery In Jack And Jack's Lord Of The Flies

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    Lord of the Flies is about a group of boys stranded on an island that must work together to survive and get rescued. At first, civilization still has a firm grasp on the boys, and they have rules to follow and a plan to get rescued. However, as time goes on, lawlessness and savagery begins to set in, as they’re just a pack of boys. The death of two of the wisest boys on the island, Piggy and Simon, shows a real turn of events and signals that the boys have finally turned savage. Evidently, no matter

  • Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin

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    Bitcoin is an amazing currency that can be unpredictable in movement. It can skyrocket in value and also go down in value depending on the movement of the market and it has the capacity to solve many of the negative issues our legal currencies are suffering from. • It is untraceable so this makes it is easy to protect the source of our funding from the watchful eyes of nosy people. • Imagine walking through a major airport with a million dollars, worth of bitcoins in a device resemble a flash drive

  • The Experience of a Refugee in Casablanca

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    editor's room. Casablanca emerged out of World War II and showed a great sense of what it was like to have been a refugee and a runaway, seeking shelter from the Germans. With World War II going on Hollywood shoveled out Propaganda by taking films and producing them in ways to make you feel Patriotic and want to join the war effort. Casablanca was one of many movies that promoted World War II by showing that the Germans were the enemies of the world. One example in Casablanca was when Ilsa and

  • Common Attributes of Peter Carey's Short Stories Essay

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    The Collected Stories of Peter Carey An analysis of several of the stories in The Collected Stories of Peter Carey reveals numerous common attributes, leading to the aspects of entrapment and isolation appearing as common aspects of the stories. These come across in both the physical and mental form. Often the entire experience of entrapment and isolation is the result of the interaction of both forms. The quality of entrapment seen throughout Crabs, Peeling and A Fat Man in History relies on