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  • Fatty Acid Composition Of Adipose Tissue And Colorectal Cancer : A Case Control Study

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    Fatty acid composition of adipose tissue and colorectal cancer: a case-control study Colorectal cancer is considered as the third most common cancers worldwide that usually leads to the death of the patient. Studies have proved that lifestyle factors great influence the development and spread of cancer. Modifying the lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer by 70%. It is noted that more consumption of red and processed meat increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer. However

  • A Study On Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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    Background Information: The study took place in north Europe Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The local paediatrician from Norway and Sweden and the forensic institution of Denmark invited parents of sudden infant death syndromes (SIDS) to take part in the study. Sudden infant death syndrome is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. There were several aims behind the study. The main aim of the study was to overlook whether smoking was

  • Epidemiological Studies Essay

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    Munnoch et al. (2008) done epidemiological studies on S.Saintpaul infection occurred in Australia during October 2006 and found that cantaloupe production and processing practices pose a potential public health threat requiring regulatory and community education interventions. Based on main journal article written upon this subject, this article will analyse how epidemiological research has helped us

  • Underestimated Due With An Inadequate Surveillance System

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    health care authorities. 2. A case study outline for salmonellosis involves the identification of the source and the surveillance of the disease. Then, a study method is chosen (here, a retrospective case-control study) to determine risk factor and more. Data is collected and assessed to aid officials in introducing measures to prevent the spread and correct the behavior that causes it (ranging from improper egg handling to improper farming techniques). A case study outline for EHF would begin similarly

  • Depression And Dementi Depression

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    Several studies have shown links between depression and dementia. Brommelhoff, Johansson, Fratiglioni, Gatz, McArdle, & Pederson state, “there are three hypotheses that might explain the association” (Jorm, 2001). The first is that depression is a symptom that indicates the onset of dementia, also known as a prodromal feature. The second is that the two are independent illnesses; however, depression causes cognitive deficits, which lead to an earlier onset of dementia. The last argues that depression

  • Review Of Anderson Quillan Syndrome ( Ams )

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    300/100,000 as determined by a recent ecological study. There is speculation that AMS is a consequence of certain exposures, namely increased tea or chocolate consumption and smoking. There is a possible genetic link, but not all AMS patients exhibit this genetic risk. A case-control study (CCS) is proposed in which AMS cases are compared to two control groups. Control group C1 are living genetically related family members of AMS patients and control group C2 is a more diverse cohort of non-AMS subjects

  • Effectiveness Of The Rotavirus Vaccine Essay

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    immunisation schedule. As yet there are no studies following the effectiveness of this vaccine since its introduction using New Zealand study subjects specifically. Methods. In this matched case control study, cases are infants between eight weeks and three years of age who will be seen in a participating ED with rotavirus, confirmed with a positive rotavirus antigen test, between November 2014 and November 2016 in New Zealand. For every case we will enrol 1 or 2 controls who are seen in the same ED without

  • Lyme Disease In Outdoor Workers

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    Vanessa Bethea 832:201 Professor Sumner 1 November 2016 Epidemiology Paper Epidemiological studies are very vital to discovering the cause of diseases and how the effect certain populations. The study: Lyme Disease in Outdoor Workers: Risk Factors, Preventative Measures, and Tick Removal Methods, was done because there was supposedly increasing reports of Lyme disease with outdoor workers in New Jersey. The study was done to determine whether there was a correlation between outdoor work and Lyme disease

  • Human Searches Of Databases Produced A Total Of 704 References And Abstract Records After Removal Of Duplicates.we Accessed 18

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    papers for further full text screening to determine eligibility. We found 1 ongoing study (Badlani 2009) and four studies (Hajebrahimi 2011; Lee 2011; Xu 2007; Yamanishi 2004) fulfilled the inclusion criteria. A flow diagram of the process of selecting studies is presented in Figure 1. Included studies   A total of 322 females with VD in four trials were randomly allocated to pharmacological interventions or control groups. In Hajebrahimi 2011, 40 females diagnosed with VD according to AUASS and

  • Kidney Patterns

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    Title: High concentrations of sodium diet causes kidney stones in the African American male population? Studies have shown that a person’s sodium intake can contribute to an increase in blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and other health complications. Over the years many investigators have continued to study the effects of sodium on the human body. African Americans living in the United States have a higher risk of having diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. However