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  • The Perspective of Cyber Bullying Vicitms Exposed in Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always by Elissa Janine Hoole

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    “I would rather be a little nobody, then an evil somebody,” (Abraham Lincoln). Cyber bullying is a national epidemic. It makes victims feel confused or unwanted. Many teenagers and even adults do not always think about what one comment on the internet can do. The author, Elissa Janine Hoole, shows how victims feel in exceptional detail. Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always has countless strengths, but also has it’s weakness’. This book is a something that every teenager should read. It covers almost

  • The Big Snit Film Analysis

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    Life just like the electrocardiography, when there is no rise and fall, it means death. There is an interesting short animated film about life named “The Big Snit” which was presented by the NFB in 2013. The film delivers the message that life is not perfect. The author delivers this message very clearly throughout the conversations of the main characters and also the dramatic ending. The film talked about the conflicts of the couple’s life. First of all, there are many insignificant arguments

  • The Strengths Of Weaknesses

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    We are all full of weakness and errors; let us mutually pardon each other our follies - it is the first law of nature. –Voltaire We have been in so many situations, either you are a young or old man or woman, but it is always different. In this situation, we saw how we handle our lives. And when we handle those we always analyze it first and how our ability to solve the situation. Once we solved it we saw what our capabilities are; our strength that we admire and the weakness we snub because it’s

  • Cassie Bernall Themes

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    People come from everything and people come from nothing; people come from all walks of life. Cassie Bernall was a regular teenager, who grew through her adolescent lessons and had so much to look forward to. and with this imminent tragedy stuck Columbine High School, of Littleton, Colorado, on April 20th, 1999. seizing the lives thirteen students, and injuring countless others physically and emotionally. Her belief in God transformed her life in so many ways for the better, even though her family

  • Cassie Sullivan Character Analysis

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    Like a lot of teenage girls, Cassie Sullivan’s life is filled with ups and downs. One day her biggest problem is her girl crush, Ben Parish, who barely knows that she’s alive. The next thing she knows is her bother has been kidnapped and she’s lying in a pit of human ash, watching her gather get shot to death. Oh, did I mention the Aliens? They are the jerks that are ruining her life, not to mention the lives of seven billion other people murdered in cold blood. Seven Billion! People! That’s pretty

  • Cassie Logan Character Analysis

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    Cassie’s Courage By: Kaedyn La Bakis Cassie logan helps her friends like little Man at school, or helping T.J. get out of trouble ,and standing up to her rival… Lillian Jean. Cassie is able to help people despite their actions . She is a young courageous girl that stands up for her convictions despite many racism towards the Logan family.In the book Roll of Thunder, hear my cry, Mildred taylor the author shows through the book that Cassie Logan plays a big part in helping her family and friends

  • Cassie Martin Book Report

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    Cassie Martin is the daughter of a famous star comedienne Abby Grant. Cassie doesn’t really seem impressed by her moms fame or Hollywood at all. She then meets a film student named Marc Jenkins. She finds him very appealing and wants to help finance his film. Although when she ask to get money from her mom she refuses and becomes angry. She still wants to help Marc and thinks she is old enough to help him, but she doesn’t want to betray her mother. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 4. My favorite

  • Personal Statement : ' Sisters '

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    Emma Miller-Richards GWRTC 103 Section 57 Dr. Sochacki 20 February 2015 Sisters September 11, 2001: “Um, yeah, she’s kind of cute, but I don’t think she needs to come home with us. When are we going to give her back?” This was the day my mother broke the news that my sister Sarah was coming home with us forever—my world was changed. For months I had known that my mom was pregnant, and I was excited. I told my kindergarten teacher, principal, and guidance counselor that I would be delighted to have

  • Cassie Sugar: A Short Story

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    I was just a girl and she was just a horse, but together we were one and that's where our story began. It was in the summer ( June) of 2015 and little did I know my life would change forever. My name is Cassie Sugar. I have to say I was a country girl at heart. My family and I owned a horse ranch with over 40 horses, but I had a favorite, her name was Willow. Every morning and night I would visit her and read a book to her and give her peppermints ( her favorite ). I was about 16 and she was 9

  • Cassie Sullivan's Character In The 5th Wave

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    Character Attributes (gender, emotions, physical, personality) Book 1- Cassie Sullivan is a female that is the main character in the 5th Wave. Cassie is a very sweet person. Cassie’s full name is Cassiopeia but she doesn't like being called that. She is a super sarcastic person. But doesn’t trust many people. She also believes strongly in keeping secrets/promises. Her hair is long curly hair. Her hair color is a dirty blonde color. Cassie is a 16 year old teen girl. She lives in Ohio with her mother, father