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  • Caste Based Discrimination And Caste

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    generation, female, rural and the lower caste students. This has changed student demographics in academic disciplines. Due to diverse students’ group on college campuses, the higher education institutions are facing diversity, social justice and discrimination issues. Caste-based discrimination is one of the issues which is pervasive across the institutions in India (Neelakandan & Patil, 2012; Nambissan, 2006 & 2009; Patwardhan & Palshikar, 1992). The lower caste students have been experiencing discrimination

  • Caste Systems And Indian Caste System

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    The Indian caste system is historically one of the main elements where people in India are socially differentiated through classes, religions, regions, tribes, genders, and languages. Caste is a term which is used to specify a group of people having a specific rank. The Indian term for caste is jati and generally designates a group that can vary in size from a handful to many thousands. The various jati are traditionally arranged in hierarchical order and fit into one of the four basic varnas – Brahmins

  • Finding Utopia in Caste Systems

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    partition known as the caste system. With its roots in the Hinduism, those Hindu and other are affected by the Hindu society structure. There are four major divisions in caste, and each division individual has specific responsibilities in society. The word dharma is, “conformity to religious law, custom, duty, or one's own quality or character” ( One’s are allowed to perform those responsibilities assigned by one’s particular caste. In the religion term each caste is called Varna. The

  • Social Evils Of The Caste System In India

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    Caste system is a social evil that is present in the Indian society since the ancient times. It has been criticized immensely by the people over the years however it still has a strong hold on the society. Essay on Caste System in India A number of social evils have been prevalent in the Indian society since centuries and caste system is one of them. The concept has undergone certain changes over the centuries and is not as stringent as it was in the earlier times however it still impacts the religious

  • Caste Oppression In India

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    in India has been happening for over a thousand years with little to no action being done to stop the caste discrimination. There has been oppression occurring in India against Dalits, people below the caste system who are also known as Untouchables, and to lower caste people because of their culture and their religion, Hinduism. In order to rid caste discrimination facing Dalits and lower castes in India, people of India must know and evaluate the history of the oppression, the current situation

  • The Caste System Of India

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    The Caste System As children grow up in the United States, they are often told they can do whatever they want when they are an adult. They are often told to reach for the stars and to chase their dreams. In India however, this was not the case. India followed what is known as a caste system. A caste system does not allow young children the fantasy of becoming whoever they want to become, but instead their future is born when they are. The word “caste” was first coined by Portuguese traders in the

  • Indian Caste System

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    The Indian caste system describes the system of social stratification and social restrictions in India in which social classes are defined by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups, often termed jātis or castes. Within a jāti, there exist exogamous groups known as gotras, the lineage or clan of an individual. In a handful of sub-castes such as Shakadvipi, endogamy within a gotra is permitted and alternative mechanisms of restricting endogamy are used (e.g. banning endogamy within a surname). The

  • Annihilation of Caste by Dr.Ambedkar

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    Annihilation of Caste: One More Look by Dr. L. Jawahar Nesan Contents 1. Prologue 2. The evolution of the caste system and its current status 3. Annihilation of caste: the old thesis 3. Annihilation of caste: the New theory 4. Who should lead the revolution? 5. Post-revolution integration Prologue I am neither a sociologist nor an anthropologist but a student of the human society and for being that I leave the choice to the readers that they can assign me under any terminological category

  • Caste System in India

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    are familiar with is the Caste System in India, which is a system of classification in a society based on birth. This complex social structure is most prevalent in India, where social hierarchy is in affiliation with Hinduism. It recognizes two concepts known as Varna and Jati. Varna is a word in Sanskrit meaning color and includes four main groups: the Brahmans, Kshtriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. The fifth group, the most segregated

  • India Caste System

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    Attitude to hierarchy A) The India's caste system India has a hierarchical caste system in the society. Within Indian culture, Hindu or Muslim, urban or village, virtually all things, people, and groups of people are ranked according to various essential qualities. The social Hierarchy is present everywhere in India. Although India is a political democracy, in daily life there is a little adherence to notions of equality. Castes systems in India and caste like groups, classified in five groups