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  • The Nuclear Bomb Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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    the United States was eager to learn more about the impacts of nuclear devices on the environment. The United States set up several nuclear bomb tests on the Marshall Islands in which they properly planned for. However one test, code named Operation Castle, went horribly wrong. Scientists involved in the test claim they expected an explosive yield of four to six megatons, but instead a yield of fifteen resulted. For reference, this is one thousand times greater than the yields of both the Hiroshima

  • Seattle Pitting Research Paper

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    On March 23, 1954, Seattle newspapers reported citizens finding pits and glass bubbles within their car windshields at a town 80 miles from Seattle. Police investigated and initially brushed it off as vandalism, albeit without much proof. It did not seem like a serious case, after all...until more reports of similar damages popped up on April 14th from another town 65 miles away, and on that same evening, in Seattle itself. Hundreds of people phoned Seattle police between the 14th and 15th, reporting

  • Ecological Effects of Anti Communism Strategies by the United States

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    conglomerate of 23 islands—the Marshall Islands—was formerly inhabited by nearly 5000 bikinians before they were voluntarily evacuated in order to begin nuclear testing. Many of the Bikinians resided on nearby Rongelap atoll, until fallout from the Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb test in 1954 shrouded the atoll in a cloud of radioactive fallout, forcing them to once again relocate to another island. The US Government declared Bikini atoll habitable in 1970, and

  • Operation Crossroads Essay

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    What happened to Bikini Atoll when the United States had a nuclear weapons test series? Operation Crossroads was a nuclear test that was held during the summer of 1946 at Bikini Atoll intended to study the effect of nuclear weapon. There were a total of three tests, Able, Baker, and Charlie. The first test was codenamed Able. The 23 kiloton bomb was dropped from the B-29 Superfortress Dave's Dream at July 1, 1946. The bomb detonated at an altitude of 520 feet and 1,500 to 2,000 off from the target

  • Colonialism In Teresia

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    What is colonialism? Colonialism is occupying one’s land with or without the permission of the natives of the land and later on occupying it with settlers and utilizing it economically. Colonialism began in 1500s by European nations such as France, Portugal, England, and Spain. European nations began to colonize through Americas, India, Middle East, and South East Asia. Part of the logic behind colonialism was to “modernize” the colonized countries. Various European nations had also control

  • Essay The Horror of Nuclear Weapons

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    Bikini Atoll over a period of eight years, but one test in particular would nearly destroy the island and infect it and the natives for years to come. Their Bikini Atoll would be the test site of the massive and destructive hydrogen bomb, code named Bravo. The U.S. went through with this test although they knew the wind was blowing towards the inhabited islands. What was seen as being "a second sun rising" by islanders about 125 miles east of the blast, sent millions of tons of sand, coral, plant, and

  • Reality Television and The Negative Impact on the Millennial Generation

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    television and rewarding bad behavior it is no wonder the Millennial and next generations are said to be doomed. In recent years there has been an evolution in television networks that focus the majority of their programing on reality television. Bravo which is owned by NBC originally focused on performing arts and independent films shifted to a focus on pop culture, fashion and celebrities in 2003. The original content of these shows was ways to better ones self with makeovers, however the birth

  • Analysis of Real Housewives of Atlanta

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    husbands and children. Yet, as the decades passed, television took a dramatic turn, leaving the days of drama free entertainment as a vast memory. Now a day, however, when one hits the power on button to Bravo, the screen lights expand to ritzy socialites dealing with their everyday lives as “housewives”. Bravo TV’s hit number one reality television show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, deals with the everyday lives of modern-day housewives. When speaking of these women and their family life, the

  • Effective Television : Reality TV Vs. Reality Shows

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    In the last decade, television has converted from scripted based programming to reality based programming. Although the content is largely contrived, it’s intent is to portray each character in his or her own element. Historically, television and virtually every other form of media have used stereotyping to appeal to a certain demographic. But the use of subtle and more subliminal messages has become less and less common over the years. Furthermore, the blatant differences between scripted television

  • The Effects Of Neoliberal Ideals On The Portrayal Of Class

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    The Effect of Neoliberal Ideals on the Portrayal of Class in Reality TV Over the past two decades, reality TV has become an increasingly popular genre of media and a staple in entertainment culture. As reality TV has continued to grow, scholars have become interested in examining the societal effects of the messages that it promotes. Thus, scholarly research in the genre of reality TV examines how the use of neoliberal ideals affects the portrayal of socioeconomic class. This field of study was