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  • Physics Of The Catapult

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    And Physics Of The Catapult When we think of catapults we usually imagine them firing at castle walls during the medieval times, or standing in the background of a large army clashing with another in an action movie. However, catapults have a long and intricate history that twists and binds with our own, dating all the way back to 399 B.C. First documented by the Greek historian, Diodorus Siculus, in the form of an early design for the Ballista (type of catapult). Catapults were a staple for siege

  • Physics of Catapults Essay

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    where g is the accleration due to gravity. Mangonel History The Romans, finding the ballista difficult to construct, simplified the design and created the onager. It had one arm instead of two, and is what is most commonly identified as a catapult today. During the Dark Ages, the French were able to re-invent the onager, and they called it the mangonneau, and it became known in England as the mangonel

  • science of catapults

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    ABMAMACAW Catapult Catapults were first made to hurdle cats (on a more serious note). There are many different types of catapults, such as the mangonel catapult. The mangonel catapult which our catapult is based on was created in 400 B.C. by the Romans. The mangonel was created like the Greek ballista but was smaller and mobile. Our catapult was based on some aspects of the mangonel. In the following I will talk about the process and materials used to make it and the science of the catapult. Some

  • Catapults: a History

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    Catapults: A History A catapult has been used all throughout history as a siege engine. A siege engine is a device that is designed to break or circumvent city walls and other fortifications in siege warfare. A catapult was one of the approximately 10 weapons used in siege warfare during an assault on a castle or fortification. Some other weapons used in both ancient and medieval siege warfare included the well known trebuchet, the classic battering ram, and the siege tower. All of these devices

  • Catapult Research Paper

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    There was a weapon was the siege engine called a catapult. The term catapult came from the Greek word "katapultos". A catapult was a large machine on wheels with a basket attached to a long wooden arm and a power source for hurling projectiles on the other.The first catapult however was invented around 400 BC in Greek town Syracuse. It was not the type seen so many times at our own wars in today's Society for Creative Anachronism. The first catapult closely resembled a crossbow. It was called the

  • Research Testing the Shot Distance of the Crossbow, the Catapult, and the Slingshot

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    and test different weapons from those eras. I am finding out which shoots the furthest the crossbow, the catapult, or the slingshot and if I do not know how they work, I cannot compare them to each other so I decided to research this. My hypothesis is that the catapult will shoot the furthest and I think that I am right do to previous research by professionals. But in other cases the catapult is made to full size but in this case it is made to a scale factor of 25% of its original size so that might

  • The History and Importance of the Trebuchet

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    Greek ballista, the catapult, and variations on the catapult design, such as the Roman onager and mangonel. The ballista's design was very similar to an extremely large crossbow with a guide chute to keep the projectile on path. A large ballista could launch an eight pound stone over 450 yards. It took two men to operate a ballista (Hamper). A standard catapult used the inconsistent strength and weight of men as a source of power. Groups of men had to work to pull down the catapult bar in order to

  • The Anglo Saxons

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    Anglo Saxons were. The Anglo Saxons made many technology development and their culture is very interesting and their stories everyone loves. First while they were not the first ones to try they were the first ones to build a successful trebuchet, catapult, and mortar. The trebuchet is a siege and defense weapon that uses a counter weight and a rope attached to a object. The catapult.ho is a defense weapon because they couldn 't get the height needed to reach over the castle walls. It uses a winch

  • The Process Of Catapults

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    the marshmallow as it flung out of the catapult and through the air. In this paragraph I will explain three main processes we went through while doing our catapult project. First, we built catapults out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands, this process was hard and took a while. We had to wrap the rubber bands around each popsicle stick to connect them, then we had to hot glue a cap to the top to hold the marshmallow that we would launch. Next, when the catapult was finally built we were ready to start

  • Simple Catapult

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    the Middle Ages, a catapult would come in mighty handy for taking down castle walls. So by now, you will know my project is about simple catapult. My reason why making this simple catapult was to show how to make a simple machine without pulleys and lever and things like them also I wanted to make a simple machine that can move things to one place to another. You need information because you need to know what they are how the actual catapult work and how the miniature catapults are alike and how the