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  • Celia Cruz Essay

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    Celia Cruz born Ursula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso, a female Cuban singer born October 21, 1925 in Havana Cuba was one of the most influential figures in Latin music. She started her musical career in her native country in the late 1940’s early 1950’s performing for various Cuban radio shows and traveling with the orchestra accompanying the dancing group “Las Mulatas del Fuego.” Her big break came in 1950 when she joined “La Sonora Matancera” the most famous orchestra in Cuba at the time.

  • Celia Monologue

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    Celia woke me up again. She shook my shoulder, weeping and wailing with swollen eyes and a pale face as she read the letter from Alice’s older sister Charlotte that Celia’s lover, the middle class Arthur Watson, who she had loved since she was a little girl and father used to bring her to his father’s bookstore, has now become engaged to the Mayor’s daughter Beatrice Hughes. I had always thought their “love” between one another was just some game played between two young lovers who had nothing else

  • Shung And Celia

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    Initially, when Shug first met Celia she was drunk/sick and rude. Shug was stumbling into the house and as soon as she locked eyes with Celia she said, “Your shoe is ugly!”. Shug later said she was jealous of Celia for marring Mister, her ex. Celia seemed a little intimidated but was nothing but kind and caring for Shug. She made her breakfast the next morning, after Mister’s failed attempt at breakfast, then started singing and brushing Shug’s hair in the bath. Albert, otherwise known Mister, has

  • The Queen Of Salsa Vs Fidel Castro

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    of Salsa vs Fidel Castro Celia Cruz was born Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso on October 21, 1925, in a working-class neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. She began singing professionally on Cuban radio and in nightclubs in the late 1940s while studying music theory and voice at a music academy in Havana from 1947 to 1950. In 1950, she began singing with the popular Cuban orchestra La Sonora Matancera. Over the next 15 years, their collaboration had many hit singles, which raised Celia to the top as she performed

  • The Death Of Celia Born

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    All that she had known was that she was apparently there because she had stolen money from a bank. Celia had no clue why or how she had done it, all she knew was that, that was what her report had said. It had also included details such as had hair color, eye color, height, and how long she had been in this place that she had been in for so long. According to her records, it had been about fifteen years now. Fifteen years of the same exact schedule everyday, fifteen years of those concrete floors

  • Life of Celia Cruz

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    Celia Cruz was one of the most famous Cuban salsa singers. She was nicknamed the Queen of Salsa, with more than thirty-six albums, recorded with some other leading singers in Latin music. Celia worked as a singer for more than forty years, and during that time, she became well known for her vigorous work, great personality, and her emotional way of singing. During her performances, she was well known for being able to improvise lyrics. She was an artist with over six decades of success making her

  • The Trial Of Celia, A Slave

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    The trial of Celia, a slave, is a murder case arising out of Calloway County, Missouri wherein Celia (the defendant) 19 years of age, killed Robert Newsom her (slave master). Celia was later charged with first degree murder and was sentenced to be hung by William Hall (the judge) for her allegedly criminal intent actions. Upon reading several different articles and a book of this case, I came across every iota I needed to briefly summarize the facts that which led me to believe that Celia was rightly

  • Celia, A Slave And The Slave

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    Celia, a Slave We have been reading a novel called Celia, A Slave. Celia, A Slave was written by a man named Melton A. McLaurin. The book was published in 1991 by the University of Georgia Press. This book that I have consists of one hundred and fourth three pages. In the novel Celia, A Slave, Melton A. McLaurin composes, in great detail, the tragic and true story of a slave named Celia who killed her master and then disposed of him by burning his body in her cabin on June 23, 1855. This was said

  • Celia Cruz Analysis

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    …"Gentlemen presidents please, on behalf of my countrymen, no more help to Fidel Castro. So he will go and leave me a free Cuba from communism. Thank you very much, thank you very much ... pardon ". Celia Cruz This way she started her presentation one of the greatest figures of the musical genre worldwide. Celia Cruz left her country once the Cuban Revolution took the power in the island. Being exiled and banished, without leave to attend the funeral of her parents and even unable to be buried in her

  • Thesis Of Celia A Slave

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    Hist 1301 – 2A1 Renee Celeste 11/29/2017 Celia, a Slave: McLaurin’s Insight Every man, woman, and child that is born unto this earth is given one thing; free will. Or at least in theory. That is not to say that in every society, there are consequences for actions or that everyone is to be allowed to run rampant doing what they want. But most restrictions today, at least legally, are enforced so as to not infringe on someone else’s right to freedom. In Celia, a Slave, Melton A. McLaurin’s interpretation