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  • Creative Writing: Attila The Hun

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    doorjamb in a deathgrip), that cellar smell seemed to intensify until it filled the world. Smells of dirt and wet and long-gone vegetables would merge into one unmistakable ineluctable smell, the smell of the monster, the apotheosis of all monsters. It was the smell of something for which he had no name: the smell of It, crouched and lurking and ready to spring. A creature which would eat anything but which was especially hungry for boymeat. He had opened the door that morning and had groped interminably

  • The Floor Was Stained With Blood

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    The floor was stained with blood. A ragged, tri-colored wool mat sat upon it. The boards would creak even if a small mouse were to crawl across it. Underneath the blood stained floor boards was an old cellar. Inside the cellar there was a small table, hundreds of bushels of apples, and an old wooden chair. In the most internal part of the chair there was a teen girl named, Libitina. Her arms were tied around the back of the chair, her legs tied to the bottoms of the chair. There was a gauze in her

  • Narrative Essay : A Short Story : The Story?

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    would hear yelling behind him sometimes like they were chasing him. Elijah would run inside, to the cellar door, which was covered by the ugliest carpet on Earth. It would seem the most two honored people in the town would have a better house, but the house wasn't like that. His home looked like the remains of a giant sardine can that a car had ran over. He pulled up the carpet, and cracked open the cellar. He climbed slowly and quietly down. Then Elijah stopped to listen.

  • Creative Writing: Fallout

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    almost on her last page, the lights suddenly went out in her room. She looked over at her light switch. It looked the same as when she entered the room. Then she heard scratching noises on her door which terrified her really bad. She walked over to the door to check it out. When she tried to open the door, but it looked as if she could not get out. So she ran back to her bed and put the covers over her head. Then she felt breathing on the blanket like something was right in front of her. She slowly

  • Lilly Monologue

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    I have been watching her for weeks, and today was the big day, the day I took her to become a part of my perfect family. When I first seen her in the flower shop buying Lilly’s I knew she was the best candidate to join my family of flowers. A beauty like her, I knew she just had to be the purest woman to ever exist, could replace my last Lilly any day, it being said, the last Lilly was not as pure as I hoped, and sadly I had to put that beloved family member of mine down. I also wanted her to be

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    the doorknob but it wouldn’t budge. “Of course it's locked” Alex said. “Now what do we do” Ethan said. “We find a new way in.” they all split up and searched around the yard until Aaron yelled, “found it!”. They ran to Aaron and saw an old storm cellar door that looked so old that if you just pulled the handles it would come right off. “So… are you going to open it?” Aaron said. “Well are you guys ready?” Alex said. “I was born ready”. Alex pulled back on the and it slowly opened up to reveal a smell


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    The Fine Wine Rack Company Introduction Welcome to the wine cellar business. As Production Manager of the Fine Wine Rack Co., you supervise a small factory which builds custom bottle storage systems. These storage systems, or "wine racks", have been installed through out the country. Your typical customer is a private wine collector, usually wealthy, who is either building or remodeling a wine cellar to store his or her own collection. Ben Parker, the owner of the Fine Wine Rack Co., closes

  • Candice: A Short Story

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    of the cellar. The now-frightened ghost hunter found the closest wall and began to walk the perimeter of the musty room. He could hear rats skittering across the dirty floor, and the cool breeze was ever-present. Then, Christopher stumbled over a stump and fell onto the ground with a thud. His hand touched something odd--something skin-like. He reached out and felt around with his bruised hands,

  • Example Of Personal Narrative Mexico

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    Dangerous-looking black heels stepped out of a battered red pickup truck, Arizona dust swirling around the tires. The engine sputtered into silence, and a tall woman with piercing, grey eyes murmured something quietly to her driver before she closed the truck door. He nodded from behind black sunglasses and started the truck again, driving it behind an abandoned shack that sat some distance away from the road. Something was afoot. The woman was dressed all in black and emanated power with every step she took

  • Key Facts And Issues Of Glenn Rozycki

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    Key Facts and Issues Glenn Rozycki is a 25 year old resident of Scarborough, Ontario who left school at York University after one year because he felt that he would be happier running his own car detailing business. Glenn wants to start up a new company, Custom Car Care, cleaning and detailing cars. Glenn began this venture as a part time job but he wants to turn it into his full time job. To ensure that his business will be successful, especially in comparison to other similar businesses in