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  • Cement Industry

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    Investments in the cement industry of Pakistan The construction and material sector of Pakistan is supporting like the right hand in the economy of Pakistan. Though the cement industry in Pakistan has witnessed its lows and highs in recent past, it has recovered during the last couple of years and is buoyant once again. Pakistan cement factories continue to make significant progress in cement exports. The industry is contributing around Rs. 30 billion per annum to the national exchange in the shape

  • Case Study Of Logistics At Ambuja Cement

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    Ambuja's average utilisation pace stands high at 93%. During certain years, Ambuja Cements somehow managed to produce even more than their total installed capacity. So the company has not only added their capacity at a rapid, swift, pace, but has also attained high utilisation rates throughout most of its operations. This shows the top level of efficiency in Ambuja Cement's operations. Logistics at Ambuja Cement Inbound logistics today is highly inefficient. Most retailers use multiple systems to

  • Seven Skills And Competencies Of Dangote Cement

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    3.2.7 Skills and Competencies of Dangote Cement. The skills and competencies of Dangote Cement are well tailored to affirm it strategic position and according to Pitt and Koufopoulos (2012), they argued that it is vital for businesses to conduct a periodic analysis of their internal and external business environment in order to identify the threats that it may encounter and to identify opportunities so that resources would be deployed effectively. Also, Hart (1992) posit that every organisation must

  • Analysis of the Cement Business

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    each of the pursuing criteria: o Nature of Request of Cement: Cement is utilized for Colossal groundwork undertakings, Business housing undertaking, Residential undertakings, precast or block making works, Prepared Blend Concrete constituents or for minor overhaul works o Group of Assembly Professional: A assembly expert might be whichever a mason, Political Engineer , Builder or Contractor, Consultant o Rural, Semi-urban and City Markets: Cement might be vended in villages, suburban spans of metropolises

  • The For Good Quality Cement

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    The clinker coming out of the kiln is at temperatures of around 1400oC. For good quality cement, this temperature has to be brought down to around 200oC in a limited period of time. Thus it is brought in contact with a cross circulation heat exchanging cooler. The heat of the incoming clinker is recuperated in the secondary air at an efficiency which usually lies within 65% to 70 The clinker cooler has the following main functions: 1. Recuperate the clinker heat by heating up the combustion air

  • Cement Mason Research Paper

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    I wanted to become a cement mason because I love working with my hands and learning new things and bringing them to life. To become a cement mason, I recommend you have good hand skills and upper body strength and be very persistent with your work. When I was younger I always saw men working on the side of the streets and highways around my city with these big trucks. I always wanted to know what they were doing and what was in the back of the trucks. When I got older I later found out that the

  • The Story Of Rosendale Cement Essay

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    The story of Rosendale cement begins over 375 million years ago during the Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian periods. Layers of sedimentary rock- limestone, dolostone, sandstone, shale, and conglomerate- began to build up in a stratified sequence. During the Devonian period through the Permian, a series of tectonic collisions caused the rock sequence to fold and fault in a way that created brittle fractures. This made the mining of the rock used in natural cement –dolostone- very precarious to mine

  • The Expansion Of The Bamburi Cement Company

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    Executive summary. This is a business proposal on the expansion of the Bamburi cement company, by establishing a branch in Thailand. It shows how the venture will be established, how raw materials will be transported from Kenya to Thailand, the distribution channel of the brand from the product from the manufacturing plant to the outlet, financing of the venture and the overall operations of the Table of contents 1.0. Introduction. 2.0. The Company and the Products and Services. 2.1. Barriers

  • Pros Of Travancore Cements

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    PROMOTERS OF TCL Travancore cements limited started under M/s Essel pvt.Ltd.And in the year 1975 Kerala government took over the factory. The company started under the supervision of Mr. S Rudlinger.And the equity share holdings are 51.33% by Kerala Government,25% by Pyramid group of companies ,and the balance share held by general public. DISCOUNTS GIVEN BY TCL If above 250 kg purchasing is their company gives 10% cash discount of. 4% for the purchase. I n every month company gives 2% quantity discount

  • The Pros And Cons Of Portland Pozzolana Cement

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    4. What is PPC Cement? What is Pozzolana? Pozzolana is a compounds possessing cement properties formed by silica materials with very little cement properties, reacted with calcium hydroxide at ambient temperature. Pozzolana materials are natural fly ash, volcanic ash; produced by combustion of calcined clay and coal. Any of these materials can be used in preparing Portland Pozzolana Cement. How is Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) manufactured? PPC is produced in two ways: 1. Grinding pozzolana materials