Central Intelligence Agency

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  • Intelligence Reform And Terrorism Case Study

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    Abstract The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 is a 235-page Act of Congress, signed by the president affecting the United States laws of federal terrorism. The titles and subject issues were composed to better enforce the procedures for any future terrorist’s attacks. The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act established the Director of National Intelligence, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. This act also

  • Fusion Centers And The Interagency Threat Assessment And Coordination Group

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    Local and tribal law enforcement agencies. The attacks of 9/11 proved that intelligence capabilities and willingness to share information lacked greatly. These programs were developed to hopefully counter that issue. The use of fusion cells started off with hesitation and complications initially. However, the use of fusion cells are absolutely critical to the sharing of information between agencies. “The goal is to fuse together lots of information into intelligence products that are useful to customer

  • Involvement And The Effect On The Failure Of The Terrorist Attacks On September 11

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    to start with intelligence definition, brief history and evolution of intelligence in the United. Intelligence as we already discussed, deals with the process of collecting, analyzing, and providing refined information to the policy makers, which they uses to form decisions’ about potential threats to national security and how to prevent

  • 9/11 Failure

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    have been prevented. Over the Course of this paper, we will examine that claim. We will examine how the Intelligence community failed to prevent the 9/11 terror attack. This paper will also examine how the Intelligence community could have used its assets more effectively. The two biggest factors in this attack were the lack of information sharing and lack of action taken on received intelligence. After discussing how those two factors facilitated the 9/11

  • Spy Organizations Research Paper

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    CIA(America), MI6(Britain), and FIS(Russia). The CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) is one of the leading intelligence organizations in the U.S. government. Its headquarters is in Langley, Virginia. The CIA’s duty is to supply national security intelligence to senior U.S. policymakers. The CIA wasn't created until 1947 when

  • The Cia Intelligence Agency ( Cia )

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    correct? But now we have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and there is one question, where does the CIA fit in with the people of the United States? They aren’t there to enforce any laws on the streets or teach us the dos and don’ts, so where exactly do they come in? Defined by CIAAgentEDU.org, “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent federal agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to our nation’s policymakers. The foreign intelligence the CIA gathers is used

  • The Patriot Act Essay

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    path to Congress than typical legislation and bills that make their way through Congress. Looking at past terrorist acts, it has become blatantly obvious that cell phone companies have notoriously been the deciding factor when attempting to gather intelligence from a terrorist phone before and after acts of terrorism on domestic soil

  • The Director Of National Intelligence

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    Director of National Intelligence(DNI) was created to replace the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) in 2004? Which legislation created the DNI? The creation of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was the result 9/11 and the recommendations of the WMD and the 9/11 Commissions. Its primary drivers were Congressional concerns that the intelligence community was stuck in a cold war paradigm, lack the collaboration needed for a new threats, and perceived failures of intelligence leadership. Unsatisfied

  • Intelligence Of The Intelligence System

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    practically impossible for a nation’s intelligence community to detect and prevent every attack on its soil. However, the American failure to uncover the 9/11 plot should be considered a massive failure considering the scope of the attack which involved careful planning, training many perpetrators, and a high profile target with many victims. Furthermore it can be demonstrated that there were many signals and opportunities to discover the plot that the intelligence machinery missed. “Hindsight is 20/20”

  • The Decline of the World's IQ

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    our IQ into the basement. It’s called dysgeneic fertilization, and it has been happening for as long as we’ve been recording intelligence. Although this decline can be seen across the board, not everyone is affected the same way or to the same extent. With each generation that passes a gap widens between those retaining intelligence and those hemorrhaging intelligence. Action must be taken to prevent the gap from widening in order to stem a social divide and dystopia from forming. Declining intellect